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Women’s leather jackets – the 4 styles to try


Most of the people give priority to leather as a material when it comes to clothes for winters. Women, a synonymous to fashion, enjoy having few leather articles in their wardrobe. It is warmer and tougher than all other things available in the fashion market. In addition, the outfit made using leather is more durable and fashionable. Here are 4 styles that you should try this season:

Black Rivet Leather Multi-Seam Scuba is very tough among all the leather jackets for women. It has the combination of the best features of biker and military jackets. It is a slim fit and has subtle variations in colours along with beautiful shine. Its multiple seam detailing gives extra finishing touches. Made using genuine leather shell, these jackets are lined with hundred per cent polyester. These coats have a stand-up collar, a full zip front, adjustable waist tabs, shoulder epaulets and zip-closure cuffs.

Leather Scuba with Adjustable Side Tabs – Designed and tailored using genuine & soft leather, these women’s leather jackets have a large point collar, a full zip front, adjustable side tabs and interior polyester lining. All these combination make the outfit a perfect one for cold days.

Black Rivet Leather Stonewash Cycle – Made using stonewash leather, these leather jackets for women have a distinct look due to their snap cuffs, asymmetrical zipper and pockets. Due to the shoulder epaulets, these coats look like an army jacket. These jackets have waist back, seam details on the shoulders, cuffs, polyester lined interior and a point collar. There are two zip hand pockets, a zip pocket on the chest and a snap closure flap pocket for storage.

If you are looking for soft leather jackets for women, give a try to distressed lambskin jackets. Made using genuine lambskin, these coats give you a hint of motorcycle styling. These jackets have zip hand pockets, and asymmetrical zippers. With polyester interior lining, these jackets keep you warm in cold days.

Leather jackets for women – try these four


Leather is one of most preferred fabric for the outfits to be worn in colds. Women love to have a wide variety of leather articles in their wardrobes because it is warmer and tougher than other materials used in designing and tailoring outfits for women.

The market around you is flooded with varied varieties of leather jackets for women. This availability is good for you, but it also makes it difficult for you to choose the best one. You can choose ladies coats made of leather after having a look at the facts like designs, patterns, skin used in production, colour and the cost. For your convenience, here are four designs that you can try to stand apart from the crowd:

Black Rivet Leather Multi-Seam Scuba

Such women’s leather jackets are very tough and combine the best features of military and biker coats. The leather used has slight variations in colour and a beautiful glow. Made using genuine leather shell, these outfits are lined with 100% polyester and have a full-zip front along with a stand-up collar.

Black Rivet Leather Stonewash Cycle

Made using stonewash leather, these leather jackets for women have snuff cuffs, zipper and pockets that give a distinct look. The shoulder epaulets of these coats give a look like army coats. These coats also have a full polyester lined interior that make you feel warm in winters. There are two zip hand pockets, a zip pocket on the chest and a snap-closure flap pocket for storage.

Leather Scuba with Adjustable Side Tabs

With the use of genuine and soft skin, these leather scuba jackets with adjustable side tabs make you feel comfortable after putting them on. These coats have front full zip along with large point collar. In addition, they have side tabs that can easily be adjusted around your waist for a comfortable fit. The inside polyester lining keep you warm in cold days.

Distressed Lamb

The women’s leather jackets made of distressed lamb are very soft and you will never love to put them off. These coats display motorbike style as they have zippers and zipper hand pockets along with the use of genuine leather shell. These outfits keep you warm from the inside.

Mens sheepskin jacket – three things to look for its purchase

men-s-shearling-sheepskin-duffle-coat-virginiaSheepskin jacket is also known as shearling coat. When you are going to purchase this outfit, you need to very careful as you are going to invest your hard earned money. For your convenience, here are the three things that you should look for the purchase of this outfit:

Optimum quality of sheepskin

You know sheepskin is sourced from all over the world. The country of origin for this leather/skin is a significant factor in the quality of the pelts. When it comes to high quality sheepskin, most of the producers and even consumers look for Spanish Merino shearling. The skin of young sheep is light in weight and the jacket made of it makes you feel when you wear the outfit. Try to avoid mens sheepskin jacket that is made using the skin of older sheep. Such a coat is heavy in weight and makes you uncomfortable after wearing. So, be focused on the quality of jacket.


The sheepskin jacket for men comes in varied designs. Some of very popular shearling coats are Aviator Jacket, Barn Coat, Duffle Coat, Car Coat and Trench Coat. Select one design for yourself by keeping your need and choice in mind. You can also keep the cost/price while choosing the one.


You should also concentrate on the finishing of mens sheepskin jacket. It is the feel and the look of the outside leather part of the pelt. The traditional finish is suede that is often referred as a Habana finish. Another one is the full-grain smooth leather like finish that is also known as Nappa or Pesca. Such a finish is generally easier to clean and is often more resistant to stain.


Normally, men’s sheepskin jackets are available in colours like black, brown, navy blue, etc. The colour you choose should match to the other outfits you will wear with this coat.