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What to Do When My Sheepskin Coat Gets Wet in the Rain

Whether you have men’s sheepskin coats or women’s sheepskin coats, taking care of them is essential for both. Every sheepskin coat owner has certain doubts and queries in mind regarding its care, especially about what to do when the sheepskin coat gets wet. Thus, we are going to discuss some of the frequently asked questions so that you can take care of your sheepskin coat in a better way. Let’s check them out.

Is it suitable to wear a sheepskin coat in the rain?

Though you should avoid wearing your sheepskin coat in the rain, if you didn’t get the chance to change, you should not worry too much. Every high-quality sheepskin coat is designed to survive a rainstorm. Don’t think of your sheepskin coat as something that will melt when exposed to rain. However, you need to properly take care of them once they get wet.

How should I look after my sheepskin coat after it gets wet in the rain?

The most important thing is to let men’s sheepskin coat dry naturally. Don’t hurry to dry it as quickly as possible or expose the coat with too much heat. Since sheepskin is basically the sheep’s skin with the wool on, you should not try to dry it using a tumble dryer or use a piping radiator. Just put on it a broad-padded hanger in a warm airy room.

As it will dry slowly, the pelt of the coat might begin to tighten up. To know how to manage it, let’s move to our next question.

What should I do to soften my sheepskin coat that became stiff after it dried?

Just recall when your leather shoes get wet, they become hard later. And to restore their softness or just loosen them a bit, you have to wear them again. Or, you can recall how your denim jeans or jacket feels when you dry it up. You have to manipulate it to loosen the fiber of the fabric. The same thing goes for your sheepskin coat once it is dried up following a soaking.

You need to work the sheepskin to break the fibers open again, meaning you need to gently knead it and roll it through your hands. Perhaps, the same way you work your hair or your pet’s hair through your fingers. You might also need to stretch it open a bit but not too much or hardly.

How can I get rid of the rings caused by rain on my sheepskin coat? 

Rain spots might be more visible if the sheepskin has fine suede and it is caught in a drizzle. The little rings appear where the suede has been flattened by raindrops. You can easily remove this. Just buff your coat with a dry scouring pad – the kind with the crust on one side and the foam on the other.

Brush off and revive the suede nap with the foam side of the scouring pad. Keep your strokes gentle, long, and more fluid instead of concentrating on a small area. Use the crusty side only if the foam side is having no impact on the rings and dirt trapped in the suede.

However, if you want your sheepskin coat to continue to look stunning again with the same luster and softness, we would recommend you to look for a professional.

leather jacket for men uk

How to Buy the Best Leather Biker Jacket

Professional bikers know that their life depends on little and minor decisions they take and also what happens on the road. Riding a bike is quite dangerous, particularly when riding without protective gears. One such protective equipment is leather biker jackets. A top-quality leather jacket is critical in such a condition.

There is nothing like good quality leather when it comes to protection. The leather jackets act as a second skin and save you from abrasions. If you maintain these jackets, they could last for years. Taking care of leather jackets is not that demanding. All you need is leather cleaner to clean it, keep it away from direct heat and sunlight, and protect it from getting wet.

Leather biker jackets have been the trend and symbol of style for a long time. Over time, the riders started to prefer leather over other materials. If you are a person who loves vintage style, then the biker jacket is right for you.

These days, you can find so many leather jackets in the market, making it hard for you to choose the best one.

Here are some factors that you should consider in your checklist when buying a leather biker jacket.

  1. Look for a jacket made with quality materials.

It is essential to stay safe when riding a bike, so you need to look for a good quality jacket. Even though the quality of the leather is crucial, you shouldn’t ignore other significant features such as stitching, quality of zippers, and the colour quality. Also, make sure that the front and back parts of the jacket is one single piece of leather. The leather jacket will more likely get ripped if multiple small pieces are sewn together. Don’t forget to check the zippers; ensure that they do close and open without any difficulty, and are made of quality material.

  1. Choose a jacket with proper fitting.

Everyone has different body type and shape. For instance, if a jacket fits your friend perfectly, doesn’t mean that it’s an ideal fit for you as well. That is the reason why men and women have separately designed and manufactured jackets.

Make sure to check the length of sleeves, wrist closures, and the total length of the jacket. Move your arms and body bend up and down to ensure that the jacket fits you perfectly.

  1. Don’t ignore the comfort level.

Just like protection and style, comfort is also an essential factor to look for. Avoid the leather jackets if they are uncomfortable, as they will distract you when riding. Always go with genuine brands rather than cheap ones.

Makes sure the jacket does not feel heavy, bulky, does not restrict your movement and is soft without any itching.

You would feel comfortable and confident riding if you wear a good quality leather biker jacket. So, make sure the jacket you are considering have proper fitting, comfort and made of great quality. Also, select the jacket according to your style and type of riding. A leather jacket is worth investing in, and you shouldn’t hesitate to buy one.


The Different Types of Leathers Based on Animals Used for Making Leather Jackets

Winters are approaching, so it’s time to shop for winter wears. Start getting sweaters, cardigans, winter hats, and not to forget designer leather jackets. According to us, you can take a step back for other garments, but not for leather jackets. It’s the most versatile garment that can go with both formal and informal/casual attire. Even a single leather jacket can accomplish all your styles.

We know investing in a leather jacket is a bit expensive, but it’s worthy in the long –term. The designer leather jackets are so durable that you can wear these for years with minimal care and maintenance. But, it can only be possible if you invest in the right quality leather jacket.

When it’s about buying a leather jacket, the most important factor to consider is the leather. With so many leather types, it’s very difficult to determine the quality and genuine leather.

To make it easy, we have listed the different types of leathers based on animals used for making leather jackets.

Cowhide leather

As compared to other leather options, cowhide leather has more strength, durability, toughness, and ruggedness. Generally, it is used for making wallets, belts, and shoes, but nowadays, biker jackets are mostly made using cowhide leather.

You will find cowhide leather in different qualities like in its natural state and colour with surface hair and another in dyed form. The latter option prepared after several machinery treatments.

Besides, the weight and thickness of the cowhide leather are added advantages.

Sheepskin leather

If you are looking for a soft, smooth, and lightweight designer leather jacket, sheepskin leather would be a great choice. The best part of sheepskin leather is it is stretchable and adjustable to your body shape.

It’s is preferred by both men and women. Other than jackets, sheepskin leathers are used for manufacturing hats, gloves, and boots. The major advantages of sheepskin leather are excellent insulation properties and resistance to flames and static electricity.

The disadvantage is that is prone to damage if comes in contact with sharp objects. Besides, the finish of the sheepskin deteriorates with time.

Lambskin Leather

The soft and supple texture of the lambskin leather makes it the top premium products and is used for manufacturing high-quality leather jackets, shoes, etc.

The positive points of lambskin leather are quality, durability, and appearance. Besides, the thinness and flexibility of the leather provide insulated and protective properties.

The negative of lambskin leather is that it is cannot be used to make large size apparels. Also, it’s expensive compared to other leather options.

Goatskin leather

The goatskin leather consists of lanolin that makes it softer and suppler as compared to cowhide. The best part of goatskin leather is that it is warm, breathable, and comfortable to wear. Also, it is more durable than sheepskin.

The distinctive ridges, lightweight, and flexibility of the goatskin leather make it a feasible solution for big brands for making leather jackets, bags, and belts.

Wearing a leather jacket is very stylish, but understanding the leather types is a bit complex. So, we hope the details mentioned above will help you select one of the best designer leather jackets.

Leather Bomber Jackets

All You Need to Know about Men’s Leather Bomber Jackets

Men’s leather bomber jackets are the ones that perfectly define the masculinity and comfort and this is why every man craves to adorn their wardrobe with these jackets, if not more, at least a few! Wearing the same jacket for the whole week makes things boring, no matter, how much you get creative with them. So, a man should have a variety of leather jackets so that he never goes out of options when it comes to being charismatic.

With everything else, you cannot miss a bomber style jacket which is available in the market in multifarious hues, designs and sizes. In the market, umpteen designs exist that are ready to add a sinewy and brawny touch to your outfit. When worn in a proper way, they give you an athletic look and also keep more warm and comfy. Moreover, they can also look manly when worn alone as they are specially designed in that way.

There are many people who wonder why these jackets are called so. What’s this bomber thing with these jackets? Well! It is indeed an interesting name for a jacket and of course, there is a legit reason behind this name. So, let’s check it out what their story is.

History of Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are typically originated from military clothing which are passed down by subcultures like punk and now have entered the high-end fashion world of not only men but women too. Initially, they were designed to be versatile and functional and this can be derived from the fact that they were lightweight and kept the soldiers warm more than any other jacket.

Their design was characterized by the bulky nature and saggy armholes with elastic ribs and hem. Such design made it really very convenient for pilots and soldiers to fight and to be agile in challenging conditions. Since they were introduced during WWII, especially for bomber pilots, they are also called pilot jackets.

Now, we will discuss a few things which a man usually wants to know before buying men’s leather bomber jackets.

Ideal Season

Many people seem curious to know which season is perfect to wear a bomber jacket as they are often associated with the warmth they used to provide to soldiers. Since today’s jacket designers know that men like to wear jacket throughout all seasons of the year, they design leather bomber jackets in a way that you can wear them in any season. They are perfect for all seasons. There is a possibility that you may struggle a little in winter but, for that, you can add a hoodie or sweatshirt underneath to stay warm enough.


The appearance of bomber jackets is a lot different than others in the way that they have elastic ribs at handcuffs and hems. So, if you wonder and have doubts whether a bomber jacket would look good on you, know that it is an unusual choice. No doubt that they are very popular and people are in love with them, still there are many who don’t go for them at first. So, wearing men’s leather bomber jackets will make you look unique and in today’s scenario, unique is associated with cool. Nobody wants to be a part of a flock. So, if you want to look different in a good way then, yes, bomber jackets are for you.


As they are distinct in appearance, you may be thinking about what range of colors there is for these jackets. Thanks to creative designers, they make every effort to make different types of leather bomber jackets in a plethora of shades for you. They are easily available in black, brown, grey, burgundy and various other shades. This is not all. You can also find men’s leather bomber jackets that come with detachable cowhide collar. This would not only make your style more sophisticated but also keep you warmer.


How to know if a bomber jacket fits perfectly? It is a jacket that looks best with a little tight fitting rather than loose. The cuffs of a bomber jacket should be relatively tight and if they are hanging loosely over your hand, then exchange and try a smaller one. Don’t forget to check the collar of the bomber jacket. It must sit comfortably touching your neck instead of being loose or tight around it.

Carrying Style

From their history, you can easily understand that a bomber jacket is quite comfortable. It offers the ease of carrying which means you don’t have to be a fashionista. Men’s leather bomber jackets have the power of transforming a simple looking guy into trendy one. As they are versatile, they easily fit into anyone’s style. There is no need to be particular about mixing, layering or matching it with different pieces, though you can always do if you want to.

So, why wait any longer guys when you can instantly browse exclusive collection of men’s leather bomber jackets online. Just place an order right now.