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Designer Leather Jackets

The Different Types of Leathers Based on Animals Used for Making Leather Jackets

Winters are approaching, so it’s time to shop for winter wears. Start getting sweaters, cardigans, winter hats, and not to forget designer leather jackets. According to us, you can take a step back for other garments, but not for leather jackets. It’s the most versatile garment that can go with both formal and informal/casual attire. Even a single leather jacket can accomplish all your styles.

We know investing in a leather jacket is a bit expensive, but it’s worthy in the long –term. The designer leather jackets are so durable that you can wear these for years with minimal care and maintenance. But, it can only be possible if you invest in the right quality leather jacket.

When it’s about buying a leather jacket, the most important factor to consider is the leather. With so many leather types, it’s very difficult to determine the quality and genuine leather.

To make it easy, we have listed the different types of leathers based on animals used for making leather jackets.

Cowhide leather

As compared to other leather options, cowhide leather has more strength, durability, toughness, and ruggedness. Generally, it is used for making wallets, belts, and shoes, but nowadays, biker jackets are mostly made using cowhide leather.

You will find cowhide leather in different qualities like in its natural state and colour with surface hair and another in dyed form. The latter option prepared after several machinery treatments.

Besides, the weight and thickness of the cowhide leather are added advantages.

Sheepskin leather

If you are looking for a soft, smooth, and lightweight designer leather jacket, sheepskin leather would be a great choice. The best part of sheepskin leather is it is stretchable and adjustable to your body shape.

It’s is preferred by both men and women. Other than jackets, sheepskin leathers are used for manufacturing hats, gloves, and boots. The major advantages of sheepskin leather are excellent insulation properties and resistance to flames and static electricity.

The disadvantage is that is prone to damage if comes in contact with sharp objects. Besides, the finish of the sheepskin deteriorates with time.

Lambskin Leather

The soft and supple texture of the lambskin leather makes it the top premium products and is used for manufacturing high-quality leather jackets, shoes, etc.

The positive points of lambskin leather are quality, durability, and appearance. Besides, the thinness and flexibility of the leather provide insulated and protective properties.

The negative of lambskin leather is that it is cannot be used to make large size apparels. Also, it’s expensive compared to other leather options.

Goatskin leather

The goatskin leather consists of lanolin that makes it softer and suppler as compared to cowhide. The best part of goatskin leather is that it is warm, breathable, and comfortable to wear. Also, it is more durable than sheepskin.

The distinctive ridges, lightweight, and flexibility of the goatskin leather make it a feasible solution for big brands for making leather jackets, bags, and belts.

Wearing a leather jacket is very stylish, but understanding the leather types is a bit complex. So, we hope the details mentioned above will help you select one of the best designer leather jackets.

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Tips to Style Leather Biker Jackets for Women

 People think that biker jackets are just for men as they like biking and travel long distances. Also, it’s the way to maintain a stud look. According to them, women are soft and subtle so the biker jackets will not suit them. And they should try other leather jacket options.

Biker jackets indeed give a sturdy look to men, but it does not mean they wouldn’t be suitable for women. You will be surprised to know that different brands have launched a section specially dedicated to leather biker jackets for women. The leather biker jacket is just a type that is easy to style as per the nature and choice of the person who is wearing the same. A girl can look sweet and a non-biker even after wearing a leather biker jacket.

We said above that styling matter a lot in enhancing the overall look of the person when wearing a leather jacket. So here, in this post, we have listed the ways to style leather biker jackets for women.

Roll-neck sweater

If you are wearing leather jackets in winter, you can combine it with a roll-neck sweater. The impact will be strong if you can create a mix of fabrics and texture. We said to include a woollen sweater, but you wear a roll-neck t-shirt of any other fabrics. The outfit will be more impressive if you use bold and rich colors, especially with black leather biker jackets for women.

Classic rebel style pairing

Classic styling always looks good in every outfit. Even if you wear a simple tee and a pair of denim jeans, it looks great. You should implement the same when wearing a leather biker jacket. Pair it with a printed t-shirt and slim-cut jeans. To make the look more impressive, you can add silver jewellery of your choice. Accessorizing is optional.

Fully monochrome style

If your leather biker jacket is distressed or you love wearing a distressed version, you should opt for a monochrome style. The distressed version of your leather jacket means lighter in color and tone. If you colorful or overpower with bold colors, the jacket will not look great. You should implement an all-black technique or opt for varying tones of only one color. With a black jacket, you can have a black & white t-shirt, black pants, and a black handbag.

White-colored garment

Opt for a minimalist look by pairing your leather biker jacket with white. You can look for white pants and a long-sleeve white t-shirt. You can also combine it with long or short dresses. Pairing with white gives a bit a sporty look but it’s beautiful.

These are the 4 tips to style leather biker jackets for women. Following these tips will help you carry the leather biker jackets in the right way and eliminate the biker look from your personality.


Top 4 Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket and Look Stylish

For decades, the leather jacket has been a staple fashion item. It can upgrade any outfit from a plain, simple look to a show-stopper. With so many different styles of leather jackets available today, including the famous biker jacket, leather bombers jacket, and sheepskin jacket, there are many ways to look stylish in one.

When building your look around a leather jacket, you have to decide what style you want to go for. For instance, do you want to look like you are a member of the cool biker’s gang, or do prefer to turn heads in a daring color.

For those who haven’t yet purchased a leather jacket and would like to get one, the crucial factor to remember before buying is the “fitting”. For favorable results, go for a fit that is snug on your arms and shoulders, completed by a fitted body. Also, make sure that the shoulder seams end at your shoulder point.

Now, once you bought the jacket, you would want to know how to wear a leather jacket and achieve the perfect look.

  1. Pilot Poise

A leather bombers jacket is the right choice if you want to go for a style that is a little classier. You won’t have trouble finding the one that suits your style as there many styles of bomber jackets. The confidence and elite style statement that you get from this leather jacket is invaluable.

Well, as the bomber jacket originated with military personnel, make sure you lean into that look. Slim fitting jeans and military-style boots and aviator sunglass is a cool combination with this jacket.

  1. Badass Biker

In the world of leather jackets, the biker look is classic. A black and brown jacket that has a little roughed-up is an amazing way to bring a little rock ‘n’ roll into your wardrobe. The biker leather jackets usually come with extra zippers, buckles and snaps, uninterrupted lines, so pick the one that fits you the best.

A black or white t-shirt with this jacket can give you the vintage look. Just put on a pair of boots in the same color as your jacket.

  1. Mix and Match

There are several stylish ways you can wear a leather jacket. So, don’t be shy to mix and match. The outfit you thought would look the least good with a leather jacket, may end up looking the best one. Logo t-shirt, shirt and tie, a Henley are some great looks you can try.

  1. Casual Look

A leather jacket can take a classic casual outfit to a whole new level. Whether you are going to visit a store or going for a party, even a casual look can have enough elegance to keep you in style. The key, obviously, is to pick the right leather jacket.

For a casual look, you will want a minimalistic, subtle style. Blue jeans and a t-shirt match well with a black leather jacket. Whatever your go-to-outfit is, put on a leather jacket over the top and watch the heads turn.

These are not limited ways to wear a leather jacket. You can try to look for more ideas and start the trend. Remember almost any outfit can look good with a leather jacket, so don’t hesitate to try a new look.