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Leather jacket for men's

A Complete Guide for Choosing the Best Leather Jacket!!

Barely any things of menswear come packaged with as much manner, inheritance or unfiltered masculinity as a cowhide coat. Compatible with punks and pilots, cruisers and Marlon Brando, the cowhide coat is high-testosterone menswear, however, then again, it’s an amazingly adaptable great. No very much modified closet is done without one.

Men have been wearing covers up and skins since our knuckles quit skimming the floor, however the cowhide coat as we probably are aware it today came to conspicuousness in the mid-1900s. Earthy colored cowhide flight coats were worn by the early pilots and the military, most strikingly the German Air Force in World War I.

The principal contemporary-glancing style showed up in 1928. A Manhattan raincoat producer, Irving Schott, designed a leather biker jackets for men’s that ride Harley Davidson. Named the ‘Perfecto’, after his preferred stogie, this leather biker jacket for men’s were built to shield riders from the components and mishaps. During World War II the flight coat got known as the Bomber and was valued for its glow having been intended for wear in open cockpits.

Among by then and now, Leather coats have shown up everywhere from in faction flick The Wild One to on the backs of the Sex Pistols. It’s standard-issue with the expectation of complimentary masterminds, lowlifes and sex pictures. Today, the piece of clothing is probably going to be one of the most costly increments to a closet, so don’t be a revolutionary without a sign – make a smart buy.

Leather Jacket Styles

  • Biker Jacket:

The awful kid of the outerwear world, the biker is a cropped calfskin coat, typically in dark, complete with studs and topsy-turvy zips. Initially worn, obviously, by motorcyclists, the deviated slice was designed as such to permit riders to hang over their bikes without the fastenings delving into the body.

  • Field Jacket:

One of the most underestimated bits of military menswear, the field jacket is undeniable exemplary that was initially rendered in a cotton drill texture, yet has since been refreshed in calfskin. The M-65, as it’s in any case known, is normally somewhat longer than different styles, with various front pockets and belted at the abdomen. Normally buttoned with a shrouded placket, it glances particularly good in rich earthy colored calfskin and as it falls beneath the midsection, it will keep you hotter and better shield you from the components.

  • Aircraft Jacket:

The OG flight coat has become a true blue menswear staple in its own privilege as of late, and it’s not hard to get why. In spite of the fact that steady in its basic shape – a cropped body including a focal zip and fitted midriff and sleeves – it tends to be rendered in anything from sparkling nylon to delicate, graceful cowhide.

  • Flight Jacket:

Ostensibly the daddy of all calfskin coats, as the name recommends, the flight jacket was initially made for pilots. Massive, and with a shearling lining for warmth, today it’s an announcement venture piece for both pilots and up-to-date stylish civilians alike. To remain cool in a greater number of ways than one, guarantee you don’t go over the edge with the layering. Keep it basic and contemporary with plain pants and a light measure knit or T-shirt.

It’s basic to find a coat that feels great and suits your picture. Pattern drove styles comes and go, so select one of the great shapes above and you’ll have the option to wear it with additional, for longer.

Men’s designer leather jacket

Advantages Associated With Investing in Shearling Sheepskin Coats For Winters

When it comes to that time of the year when your body shivers from cold even after wearing layers of clothing, natural shearling sheepskin jackets are the perfect choice for you to give you the warmth during the entirety of the winter season.

Shearling coats or jackets are generally fur coats made from lamb or sheep. They are considered to be one of the softest and most comfortable jackets to wear, all around the world. This is due to the various benefits that are associated with these shearling sheepskin jackets. So, if you are thinking of investing in one of them this winter, it is necessary for you to know about the benefits you would be getting.

Below are some of the advantages of a shearling sheepskin jacket.

  • Exceptional warmth:
    The wool extracted from sheep has the capability of insulating air circulation in a better way. This signifies that the jackets or coats made from these furs would make ensure that the wearer remains warm for a longer duration of time, even if it is blistering cold weather out there.
  • Water-resistant:
    Another major benefit of shearling sheepskin jackets is that they are extremely resistant to water, so much so that the water that settles on the outer layer of the coat usually has a tough time to get to the core of the coat. And even if, by any chance, the water does find its way inside, it is not likely to create any sort of impact as the core has the ability to easily absorb water equivalent to around the third of its weight without getting muggy. Once you are home after walking through the rain or snow, you just need to shake off the coat or jacket a bit to get rid of all the water particles on the surface.
  • Highly durable:
    One of the most significant advantages of shearling jackets is that they can easily endure for not just a single but several decades if taken proper care. These coats are very well known for their high durability compared to other types of fur jackets. You need to make sure that you don’t machine-wash it or use a dryer on it. Moreover, being so durable, the shearling sheepskin jackets are also lightweight, which makes them a comfortable outfit and a profitable investment.
  • Multiple colours:
    Unlike many fur coats in the market which only come in a few limited numbers of colours, shearling jackets tend to come in a wider range of colours. So, for people who are quite fashion conscious, these coats or jackets would provide the wearers with an excellent and fashionable way to cover themselves up during the whole of winter and still look stylish.

So, these were some of the main benefits of wearing sheepskin jackets. However, before buying yourself a shearling jacket, make sure that you choose a reliable and highly reputed manufacturer because only then would you be getting all the above mentioned advantages.


5 Tips For Storing You Leather Jackets Correctly In Off-seasons

As compared to other winter clothing, investing in original leather jackets is a costly affair. It is said that you can buy several winters wears at the cost of one leather jacket. And, sometimes, the cost is very hard to digest. But, we know it’s one of the important garments for your wardrobe and you cannot drop the idea of buying it due to cost.

You cannot change the price, but you can make it worth it. Buying a leather jacket is a one-time investment and you can use it forever. You do not need to purchase every year and throw the old ones. If you wish to increase your collection, then it’s your choice. Besides, if your budget permits, you can every year get one for yourself.

For those who are keen to use the leather jackets in the next year and the years ahead, you should learn to store them correctly. You should follow some steps to maintain and store the leather jackets so that you can use them now and forever.

Amongst so many storage tips, we have mentioned the 5 most important ones for your reference.

Use wide cloth hangers

First of all, never fold the leather jackets. Folding will develop wrinkles which will difficult to remove and will also damage the crease. You should hang as it is on a cloth hanger. The hanger should heavy like made up of wood and broad to carry the weight and broad shoulders of the jacket respectively. In case the hanger is not strong and wide, the jacket might fall and get damaged.

Use acid-free papers

Norma newspapers are often used to store clothes for a long time. But, for storing a leather jacket, you should use acid-papers. You need to stuff the papers on insides of your leather jacket and close the buttons or zippers or both if you have them. For extra protection from the chemical transfer or other elements, you can do the same for the outside of your leather jacket during storage.

Keep it away from direct sunlight

While storing your leather jacket, you should ensure that it is away from direct sunlight. Short-term exposure to the sunlight won’t matter, but long-term exposure will fade the colour. For example, your dark brown-coloured leather jacket will turn into a light brown jacket. If it goes on continuously, your jacket might not be in wearable condition.

Use leather conditioner and condition it timely

Conditioning is very important for your leather jacket to keep it hydrated. The experts say that you should condition the jackets every three to six months to main the raw look forever. So, for that, you should have the right leather conditioner at home. The conditioner will remove the dirt and debris, retain the moisture, and will preserve the leather quality. You can use a cotton swab for applying conditioner on the jacket.

Store it in a temperature-controlled area

You should find a temperature-controlled area in your house to store the leather jackets. The area should not be hot and humid like the attic and crawlspace. The best place to store your jacket is in the closet of your bedroom or guest room. The experts say that a leather jacket should be at room temperature with a relative humidity of about 40% to 50%. In case humidity is too high, you should use a dehumidifier.

Other than these, you should also read and consider the storage tips given by the manufacturer on the garment.



Sheepskin coat or jacket is the type of attire that every man must own at least one or probably a few more times in his lifetime. These sorts of men sheepskin coats are considered to be quite trendy and would surely outlast most of the fashionable clothes that can only be worn for a few times before they get faded or damaged. Sheepskin coats are designed and manufactured using genuine materials in such a way that they tend to last for over a decade with the same high level of quality.

Men sheepskin coats or jackets are quite comfortable, warm, and provides you with a unique look. These types of coats come in a variety of distinctive colours and designs so that you have the option to choose and select the one which suits you the best. They are designed to capture the original and classic look of the flying jackets.

Sheepskin coats are considered to be one of the warmest leather jackets that one can invest in for the winters. They are made from natural wool and are known as one of the most preferred items for the cold season. The natural warmth that these coats or jackets provide means that these would be enough for your travelling plan to more cold countries of the world.

There are many more benefits associated with buying men sheepskin coats, and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Unparalleled warmth:
    Sheepskin coats gained immense popularity during the First World War when heavyweight sheepskin jackets and coats used to keep air crews warm. It is due to the crimp of the sheep’s wool, which creates insulating air spaces. Sheepskin has the property to naturally retain body heat, keeping your body warm even during winter’s worst.
  • Outstanding durability:
    If cared and maintained for in a proper way, a premium quality sheepskin coat may even last for decades, while retaining the same softness and shape like a new one. So, this property makes it one of the most durable attires you can invest in.
  • Multi-climate comfort:
    Keeping in mind its naturally insulating features and properties, you might have an impression that men sheepskin coats would be too heavy and hot for moderate climatic conditions. However, sheepskin coats are popular for their breathability and water-resistant properties, which tends to keep your body temperature under control despite the various fluctuations in the environment around you.
  • Water resistant:
    Sheepskin is naturally water-resistant. The wool fibers in it possess sturdy, water-repellent layers that allow the coat to stay protected from moisture. Men sheepskin coats are just required to be lightly shaken after getting exposed to moisture such as rain or snow, and then smoothed over with a soft cloth or brush.

These were some of the main benefits of investing in sheepskin coats.

Leather Bomber Jacket

5 Styles of Men’s Leather Jackets to Head on with Attitude

They are only a few fashionable items for men that come packed with class, heritage, and unfiltered masculinity. Thus, if you are thinking of upgrading your wardrobe, you should exclusively include leather jackets. Men have known to wear hides and skins since the uncivilized times; however, this does not mean that jackets, made of pure leather, are not meant for a neat and clean look. Every man should have a collection of stunning leather jackets to complete their look on several occasions.

These jackets, due to their elevated durability, are highly acclaimed among people for being worthy investments. Though they are also available for women in extensive varieties, this post concentrates only on men’s leather jackets.

Here is a list of different styles of leather jackets that a man should include in his wardrobe to achieve a rich look on every occasion.

  1. Leather Bomber Jacket

One of the most versatile menswear, leather bomber jackets have become a staple outfit in recent years. They are designed in usually simple shapes and feature a central zip and fitted waist and cuffs. Often worn on screens, it can transform a simple skinhead into a Scandinavian chic. You can wear it best by pairing it with raw denim and a simple white t-shirt or shirt.

  1. Leather Biker Jacket

Often famous among people who are on the road for most time, a leather biker jacket is the one with a cropped design. The most common color that is sold and bought in leather biker jackets is black. It comes complete with studs and asymmetric zips. The asymmetric design is achieved in a way so that bikers can lean over their bikes freely without being disturbed or distracted by the fastenings. Modern leather jackets for men come in a variety of edgy and sleek designs. No matter which color or design you are choosing, remember to wear something light underneath.

  1. Leather Field Jacket

Originally introduced in a cotton drill fabric, field jackets are now available in leather as well. Though they are among the most underrated pieces of military menswear, they never fail to impart a stone cold classic style. Also called M-65, it is slightly longer than other styles and comes with multiple front pockets and a belt at the waist. The buttons are often hidden with placket. They look more stylish and awesome in light brown colors. Since they run throughout your waist and below, they tend to keep you warm and shielded from outside weather elements.

  1. Leather Flight Jacket

Often confused with bomber jackets, they were originally created for pilots. Most flight jackets were made from shearling lining from inside to provide enough warmth at colder locations. However, in today’s time, leather flight jackets act as statement clothing for airmen as well as civilians. While wearing them, keep the look as simple as possible with a contemporary pair of trousers and a light gauge knit or t-shirt.

  1. Leather Racer Jacket

Apart from the military, the automotive world has also made a big influence of men’s choice of clothing and accessories. They are comfortable to wear and never cease to flatter. People with broader shoulders often go for racer jackets. However, if you are trying to get a full look, you can try out a thicker leather racer jacket to accentuate features that you don’t have.

Since it is difficult for many people to keep all the styles, leather bomber jackets and leather biker jackets are the two styles that everybody must have. So, start shopping right away.

bomber jacket

All You Need to Know about Men’s Leather Bomber Jackets

Men’s leather bomber jackets are the ones that perfectly define the masculinity and comfort and this is why every man craves to adorn their wardrobe with these jackets, if not more, at least a few! Wearing the same jacket for the whole week makes things boring, no matter, how much you get creative with them. So, a man should have a variety of leather jackets so that he never goes out of options when it comes to being charismatic.

With everything else, you cannot miss a bomber style jacket which is available in the market in multifarious hues, designs and sizes. In the market, umpteen designs exist that are ready to add a sinewy and brawny touch to your outfit. When worn in a proper way, they give you an athletic look and also keep more warm and comfy. Moreover, they can also look manly when worn alone as they are specially designed in that way.

There are many people who wonder why these jackets are called so. What’s this bomber thing with these jackets? Well! It is indeed an interesting name for a jacket and of course, there is a legit reason behind this name. So, let’s check it out what their story is.

History of Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are typically originated from military clothing which are passed down by subcultures like punk and now have entered the high-end fashion world of not only men but women too. Initially, they were designed to be versatile and functional and this can be derived from the fact that they were lightweight and kept the soldiers warm more than any other jacket.

Their design was characterized by the bulky nature and saggy armholes with elastic ribs and hem. Such design made it really very convenient for pilots and soldiers to fight and to be agile in challenging conditions. Since they were introduced during WWII, especially for bomber pilots, they are also called pilot jackets.

Now, we will discuss a few things which a man usually wants to know before buying men’s leather bomber jackets.

Ideal Season

Many people seem curious to know which season is perfect to wear a bomber jacket as they are often associated with the warmth they used to provide to soldiers. Since today’s jacket designers know that men like to wear jacket throughout all seasons of the year, they design leather bomber jackets in a way that you can wear them in any season. They are perfect for all seasons. There is a possibility that you may struggle a little in winter but, for that, you can add a hoodie or sweatshirt underneath to stay warm enough.


The appearance of bomber jackets is a lot different than others in the way that they have elastic ribs at handcuffs and hems. So, if you wonder and have doubts whether a bomber jacket would look good on you, know that it is an unusual choice. No doubt that they are very popular and people are in love with them, still there are many who don’t go for them at first. So, wearing men’s leather bomber jackets will make you look unique and in today’s scenario, unique is associated with cool. Nobody wants to be a part of a flock. So, if you want to look different in a good way then, yes, bomber jackets are for you.


As they are distinct in appearance, you may be thinking about what range of colors there is for these jackets. Thanks to creative designers, they make every effort to make different types of leather bomber jackets in a plethora of shades for you. They are easily available in black, brown, grey, burgundy and various other shades. This is not all. You can also find men’s leather bomber jackets that come with detachable cowhide collar. This would not only make your style more sophisticated but also keep you warmer.


How to know if a bomber jacket fits perfectly? It is a jacket that looks best with a little tight fitting rather than loose. The cuffs of a bomber jacket should be relatively tight and if they are hanging loosely over your hand, then exchange and try a smaller one. Don’t forget to check the collar of the bomber jacket. It must sit comfortably touching your neck instead of being loose or tight around it.

Carrying Style

From their history, you can easily understand that a bomber jacket is quite comfortable. It offers the ease of carrying which means you don’t have to be a fashionista. Men’s leather bomber jackets have the power of transforming a simple looking guy into trendy one. As they are versatile, they easily fit into anyone’s style. There is no need to be particular about mixing, layering or matching it with different pieces, though you can always do if you want to.

So, why wait any longer guys when you can instantly browse exclusive collection of men’s leather bomber jackets online. Just place an order right now.

Benefits of Sheepskin Coats

It has been many decades since leather jackets have been here, considered to be a fashionable and functional outfit. It is a type of attire that is worn by both, men and women around the world. Also, no matter the age of the person, whether young or old, almost everyone wants to own and wear their own leather jackets. Leather jackets are made from animal skin and by processing further, they are made to look visually appealing, be comfortable, and tough in cases of extreme weather conditions.

The market, nowadays, is flooded with all kinds of leather jackets but there is one style that has been favorite of many fashion-conscious people, and that is the sheepskin coat. There is not one but many advantages of men’s sheepskin coats, below are some of the benefits associated with them.

  • Unmatchable warmth:
    If you want winters to feel less cold and your body less shivering from it, sheepskin coats would be the right option for you. They not only provide outstanding warmth but also offer a stylish look and extremely luxurious feeling at the same time. Men’s sheepskin coats tend to naturally retain the heat of the body, making you feel warm even during a blistering winter.
  • Highly durable:
    Out of all the other types of leather coats, sheepskin coats comparatively cost you quite a bit more than the average leather jacket. However, this extra investment would prove to be effectively made up due to their extra durability features. You just need to take a little care and maintain them, and you would see these coats lasting even for generations to come. You might even ask around and find people who had been wearing the same sheepskin coat for more than a couple of decades and still showing no sign of any damage.
  • Water-resistant:
    Another one of the benefits of men’s sheepskin coats is that it is highly resistant to water. The fibers of the coat contain water repellant layers that help in protecting the coat against moisture without getting damp and wet. Hence, this makes sheepskin a thermally regulating material. You would only require to lightly shake out the coat after getting exposed to rain or snow and then smooth over the surface softly with a clean brush.
  • Moisture-wicking:
    Besides being water-resistant, keeping you safe from rain and snow, sheepskin also has the tendency to wick away perspiration, and that too quite effortlessly, keeping you dry and warm in different sorts of climates.
  • Stylish:
    Apart from all the technical benefits that men’s sheepskin coats provide, they are also world-famous for the casual and elegant look that they tend to provide the wearer. Hence, making them a suitable type of outerwear for any kind of occasion of the year. By investing an extra amount in purchasing a sheepskin coat, you would never have to compromise style due to the chilly weather.

Now that you are aware of the various benefits associated with sheepskin coats, wait no more, and buy one for yourself and keep yourself both warm and stylish this coming winter.

Designer Leather Jackets

5 Different Apparels to Pair With Casual Leather Jackets For Men!!

With such a strong impact of leather jackets in the fashion industry, every man has at least one in his wardrobe. The casual leather jackets for men can turn a boring pair of trousers and t-shirts into a style statement that can surprise others to the next level.

The garment is at its best but sometimes you make it worse with the wrong pairing. We know leather jackets stand alone in the collection of the men wears but they are incomplete without the right apparel beneath the same. The pairing should be perfect to enhance the tough and rough look of the casual leather jackets for men. For example, if you combine a tightly-fitted jacket with a loose t-shirt, it will look disastrous.

So, we have mentioned the list of 5 different apparels that form the best pair with the leather jackets.

  • In Winters, Pair it With a Sweater

The leather jackets are strong enough to protect you from cold but still, to keep it stylish, you should pair it with the sweater. If possible, go for a high-neck sweater of contrasting colour. This will further keep you warm and you will look handsome

  • Pair a White Shirt With Brown Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket is a type of casual leather jackets for men that are a bit bulky. The preferred colour for the bomber jacket is brown so you can pair it with a white shirt. It will give a contrasting image to the others.

  • Black Shirt or T-shirt if The Bomber Jacket is not Brown

In case the colour of the bomber jacket is something different and not brown, then you should pair it with a black shirt or t-shirt. It gives a younger look and a dazzling impression on others. You can even combine a black t-shirt with a black leather jacket. It will look dark but will look unique.

  • Make it Formal With a Blue Shirt and Brown Trousers

It is surprising for people on how casual leather jackets form men can be formal attire. The design will remain the same but your pairing will give a formal look to others. You should combine it with a blue shirt and brown formal trousers. To make the impression stronger, you can add a tie to your attire.

  • All Black is Also the Perfect Choice

If you own a bike then it’s best to opt for a racer style. Irrespective of the colour of the casual leather jackets, you should wear a full black dress from head to toe. Also, if possible try to combine it with black long leather boots.

These are the 5 different kinds of apparel that you can pair it with your leather jackets and we are sure that you will look the best. Other than these, you can even accessorize yourself to enhance the look of the outfit.

men-s-casual-red-leather-biker-racing-jacket-lamb-nappa-leather-bomber-jacket (1)


Leather jackets for men are amongst the outfit which everyone has in its wardrobe. It is a classic piece of clothing which people always wish to keep in their closet. It is something which gives a tough look and also keeps the person comfortable and warm. A leather jacket has the power to lighten the simple t-shirt and change the personality from drab to dazzling.

People are happy when they get the right personality from the correct way of dressing but do people consider it to be easy? No, it is not. Selecting the appropriate leather jacket according to the personality of the person is a challenging task because a wrong selection can create wreck havoc in the style book of the person. There are variants available in the market but not all are suitable for every individual. It is necessary to select the color and style carefully. If you are ready to buy leather jackets for men, you need to keep some points in mind to get the right products.

  • Genuineness of the leather- There are various qualities of leathers available in the market so it becomes difficult to select and identify the genuine product, especially for the first time buyer. In case you are not able to identify the correct leather then try to buy the leather jackets from the dealer who assures 100 % guarantee on the item. The perfect way to identify the status of the leather is to know which animal’s leather is used in manufacturing. The coats of lam-leather are light and comfortable whereas jackets from cow or sheep leather are not the best.
  • A proper cut in the jacket is important- A leather jacket looks nice if it is tight-fitted. A loose jacket gives a very clumsy feeling and it becomes difficult to maintain that tough look. An exceptional cut in the jacket gives it a perfect look otherwise the tight fitting of the jacket will be uncomfortable for the people. Proper body measurement is essential before the person makes the final purchase. It is good to have a trial session.
  • Elegant color should be the choice­-As already mentioned above, varied options are available in the market but it is you who has to the select the perfect piece. The colors for leather jackets are never restricted but people usually select either black or brown. Black is suitable for every kind of attire as it can easily fit into casual, semi-casual or official occasion. Brown leather jackets are mostly used for casual occasions. The other option for color selection in men jackets is grey.
  • Calculate the correct fit according to the body type- Jackets are available in various fit which can make people look slimmer or can give a bulky appearance. It is advisable to choose a bomber-style jacket for broad shoulders and straight-cut jackets for the people who are on the heavier side.

Be the personality that you wish to show to others with the right leather jackets. People can purchase leather jackets for men from online dealers at competitive rates and enjoy living in style with an attitude.

Designer Leather Jackets


There are plenty of materials from which a jacket can be made, including wool, cotton, polyester, linen, and other synthetic blends. Obviously, each material of jackets has its own characteristics. For instance, cotton is soft and lightweight and wool is much thicker, heavier and more appropriate and well-suited for winters. However, out of all these materials that a jacket is made, leather is considered to be arguably the best choice.

It is difficult to keep up with the latest trends in fashion as it is evolving daily. One of the trends and piece of clothing that is popular these days is a leather biker jacket for men and women. At the time, a leather jacket is one of the most trending articles of clothing. For the bikers, it is important now to invest in a leather biker jacket. Many are oblivious to the fact that having a jacket that is especially tailor-made for the road can be quite beneficial and extremely helpful while you are on the road.

There are several benefits of buying a leather biker jacket for men and the following are some of the reasons why you should consider adding it to your clothing arsenal.

  • Protection from injuries:
    Owning a leather biker jacket not only offers a stylish appearance, but it also offers protection from physical injuries to the rider. The thick material of the jacket creates a padded layer which helps in minimizing any damage to the body and adds a protective layer between your body and the outside world. This is one of the main reasons why bikers prefer to invest in a leather biker jacket. However, you don’t have to be a biker to be eligible to own one for yourself; you can invest in one and reap the benefits of an added layer of protection yourself.
  • Versatile:
    There are articles of clothing suitable to wear to only a certain type of occasion. For instance, suit jackets are said to be the most formal type of outerwear and must only be worn on formal occasions. However, when it comes to leather jackets, it does not work like that. It offers you a high level of versatility, allowing you to wear it for both, formal as well as casual occasions. But to begin with, a leather jacket wasn’t accepted in formal places and now it is accepted just like any other formal outerwear.
  • Dust and moisture resistant:
    There is this particular property of leather jacket that is often under-looked and ignored by most of the people. Leather jackets are quite efficient in resisting dust and moisture, not allowing any damage due to them. Surely, these jackets are not exactly waterproof, but the moisture can’t damage the quality of the product at all. So, you can wear it anywhere that you go regardless of the amount of dust and moisture in the area.

These were only some of the reasons why you should consider investing in a leather biker jacket for men and women. You would not regret the decision.