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Ten Rules You Must Follow for Taking Care of Shearling Leather Coats

As winter season comes with its shivering coldness, people like to warm up their bodies with quality shearling leather coats. They look also stylish as well as comfortable. But their care comes with some instructions that you should follow to keep them as new as possible. Otherwise, you might not want to wear a coat which was spoiled in previous winter due to careless handling and keeping.  The reason is not that shearling isn’t durable but because improper care can destroy the fine properties like softness and superb insulation. Therefore, you need to follow ten rules which are explained below.

First Rule:

Never even think of putting your coat in a washing machine or a dryer. Cleaning in a washing machine and a dryer is the best way to kill the very essence of high quality shearling leather coats. Always prefer dry cleaning for getting it cleaned.

Second Rule:

Don’t wait to get your coat heavily dirty before giving it away for cleaning. Frequent small cleanings are recommended. Cleaning heavily soiled shearling coats is the most difficult task and chances are that it won’t be cleaned fully in one time cleaning, if it is already too much dirty. So, get it cleaned soon after it gets dirty.

Third Rule:

Keep your coat away from the open flames or high heat sources. However, you should follow this caution for all your clothes. Contact or even vicinity to such sources can damage the shearling and leather as well. Therefore, never stay close to fire while wearing shearling clothing.

Fourth Rule:

To avoid your jacket from bleaching, don’t expose them to strong sunlight for longer period. For example, hanging it in a sunny window or outside on the rope. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can bleach out your coat. So, keeping or hanging in shade will save it from being spoiled.  In this way, the luster of wool and leather would also not be faded.

Fifth Rule:

While storing them for long duration, never keep them in a plastic garment bag. A plastic bag is not breathable and moisture gets trapped inside it and shearling needs air circulation to keep the hide from drying out and cracking. For safe storage, you can use 100% cotton garment bag because it allows air movement.

Sixth Rule:

Hang the coat loosely with other clothes i.e. give some space to retain its natural shape. Otherwise, you wouldn’t like to wear a contorted leather coat. So, never stuff it tightly with other collection in your wardrobe.

Seventh Rule:

Use always a broad and sturdy padded hanger to avoid the shoulders from losing their intended shape. Hanger’s neck should be long enough to keep the collar away from the hanging road. Don’t drape it on a round knob.

Eighth Rule:

Whenever your shearling leather coat becomes wet, simply shake out the coat and always let it air dry in a well ventilated room. It is the best way to maintain its softness and luster. Don’t try to use hair dryer, washer dryer or any other direct heat on it.

Ninth Rule:

Clean your shearling item preferably in the spring. Usually, in winter season, solvents and salts get accumulated on the coat. They will slowly degrade leather, fabric and wool, if not removed.

Tenth Rule:

Avoid using hair spray or applying perfume when wearing shearling leather coat and don’t leave any jewellery pinned on it.

So, these are important rules that must be keep in mind when you have shearling coats in your wardrobe. As long as you take good care of them, they will last for longer and continue looking brand new.

Major features and important things to consider when buying men’s sheepskin leather jackets!!

Leather jackets are never outdated. Be it for woman or man, in winter or spring season, sheepskin leather jacket’s classic style can be matched easily with almost all kinds of clothing. These timeless jackets are fashionable and will surely outlast all other clothes and types of jackets that can only be used a few times before they get damaged and faded. Men’s sheepskin jackets are made with best and original quality of leather and last for several more years as compared to the other jacket’s material. These types of jackets also come in different styles and colors so that you can buy the one that completely suits your personality.

Features of sheepskin jackets

  1. Water resistant:

Sheepskin jackets are basically a water-resistant material as the fibers of the wool contains water repellant layers that help to prevent water from affecting the jacket. Each of the wool fiber absorbs approximately 30% of water weight and protects the jacket.

  1. Amazing warmth:

These jackets are the most preferred clothing for the winters as they provide excellent warmth because of the sheepskin from which they are originally made. The air spaces created by the sheep’s wool allow the body to retain heat from the jacket even in the worst of winters.

  1. Durability:

Men’s sheepskin jackets are expensive but are durable for several years. These jackets have the best durability function and are bound to be used for long years.

So, with these benefits of the sheepskin jackets, you can completely rely on its quality and shelf life and can team it up with your formals or casuals attire as well. These days, you can browse to any of the e-commerce sites and can buy your favorite color sheepskin jackets for your wear. These sites have a wide variety of men’s sheepskin jackets ranging from its colors, styles, and patterns.

But, before you decide upon to buy, there are certain points that you need to take into consideration. The below-given tips will help you to narrow your search so that you get the most outstanding sheepskin jacket for yourself.

                               leather jacket for women uk

Things to consider when buying sheepskin jackets

  1. The style of the sheepskin jacket:

Leather jackets generally come in various styles ranging from biker to bomber jackets. Biker jackets are the most common one among the men which most people probably think of when they hear leather jackets. On the other hand, bomber jackets are slightly buffed with collar, cuffs, and pockets. So, decide for which type of jacket will suit you and then only shortlist your choices.

  1. The color:

Considering the color of the sheepskin jacket is also very important as not all colors will suit you and your look. Undyed leather jackets come in natural colors from browns or greys. Besides, black is the best option if you want a macho look. Other colors are red, blue and burgundy. For the best look, neutral color of men’s sheepskin jackets is the safest as this is the most suitable color to match all the trousers in your wardrobe.

  1. The measurement:

When buying a sheepskin jacket online, you should carefully consider your measurements. For the best fit of the jacket, it is very important that you measure your body correctly and then only order for your favorite leather jacket.

Moreover, once you’ve considered all the steps above, you can now search for the jackets online and further can order for your favorite one.

Sheepskin Leather Coat – Make your Style More Attractive and Trendy

Everybody knows how critical early introductions are. In under a moment any individual who meets you will have intuitively selected signals from your dress, manner, preparing, grooming and body language and made an outline judgment of you in their mind that it is troublesome if not difficult to change. While you could wear t-shirt and sweatpants in school or college, now that you are a grown-up you know that it is so imperative to look awesome constantly. Sheepskin coats are an extraordinary approach to influence you to seem more honorable, sure, and hot, and influence your entrance into each space to tally.

While many individuals fear they would never pull off wearing a fur or sheepskin coat that is precisely why they should. Wearing a fur coat influences you to seem more certain. When somebody sees you in a fur coat it triggers pictures in their psyche of frontiersmen, cowboys and warriors. This at that point triggers a mental radiance impact and they start to credit these same qualities to you. You at that point seem more competent, more grounded and more tough and wild.


What’s more, individuals will regard you in that capacity. When you establish your first connections with a quality sheepskin coat, you expect respect and attention. You ooze certainty. As individuals treat you with the poise and respect you deserve, it triggers a positive input circle, influencing you to feel more certain and effective. Normally, when you feel good, you perform better, and you truly will turn out to be more fruitful, accomplishing your dreams more than ever envisioned.

Individuals from the opposite sex will be pulled in to your wild yet immortal style. When you go out on the town, you should hope to get loads of attention. Individuals may begin coming up to you to make an inquiry about your jacket, or essentially to cop a vibe of the sueded calfskin or fleece. A trendy sheepskin coat is an awesome conversation starter, and can enable you to pull in all the more being a tease, telephone numbers, and dates, if you play your cards right.

Maybe your objectives are extraordinary. Maybe you are straight out of school, and not yet prepared to consider meeting the correct man or lady and settling down. Maybe you are more centered on making a profession and an inheritance. You need to seem equipped and noble? Add some sheepskin to your closet to put forth a striking expression that you are solid, capable, and unavoidable.

For any individual who considers their closet important, a sheepskin is unmistakably a flat out staple. Presently be cautioned, a sheepskin coat is a huge speculation. They are not modest. Be that as it may, with the correct care and putting away, a quality pelt can keep up its wonderful sheen and protecting capacity for actually decades. This is a closet piece that your terrific children can wear when they are recently getting to be grown-ups. If you pick your jacket astutely, taking consideration to discover one that you will wear over and over and never feel worn out on, an ageless token like this is certainly justified regardless of the cost.

There are several online store that providing sheepskin leather coats in excellent quality. Also they offer Christmas sales offers, in this offer you can return or exchange your coats or jackets until 12 January 2018. If you are the one who are in need of Sheepskin coats or jackets shop now before the offer is end.

Important Things to Consider When You Buy Sheepskin Leather Coats

When one goes to buy a luxuriously soft, beautiful and warm sheepskin coat, there are a wide verity of terms that are connected which may pull the fleece over your eyes leaving you baffled as to which is perfect for you.

Sheepskin is sourced from all over the world. For sheepskin, country of origin is a critical factor in the quality of the pelts. Factors critical to the nature of sheepskin such as the countries’ climate, diet of the sheep, and craftsmanship fluctuate from country to country. Also the breed of sheep and the age of the sheep when the pelts are accomplished are determining factors for quality and therefore price.

  1. Great Sheepskin

When it comes to great sheepskin the top grade is Spanish Merino shearling. Shearling sheepskins typically come from one year to two year old sheep. Although older sheep do produce larger skins which are easier to work with, the older skins tend to be thicker and less supple, and therefore not as comfortable to wear. Spanish Merino shearling comes from Spain. Spain is known for producing sheep with the most soft and supple of pelts. The wool fur and the leather grain are more uniform with fewer to no blemishes or inconsistencies. The craftsmen utilize strict quality control in the sorting and matching of skins as well as the tanning process. They have been passing down their fine craft for centuries and they take great pride in their superior workmanship.

  1. Best Sheepskin

It’s hard to believe that sheepskin can get any better than Spanish Merino shearling. However, the very finest grade of sheepskin is lambskin slink. Lambskin slink pelts price at least twice as much as the finest Spanish Merino shearling pelts. The predominant country for lambskin slink is New Zealand. Lambskin slink is obtained in the spring lambing season. The natural lamb mortality rate is 10%. Many sheep carry two lambs and often one is still born. The pelts of these newly born lambs are used to make what is referred to as lambskin slink. The lambskin slink is normally thin, velvety smooth and supple with short curly fur on the inside. Regularly the curly fur is ironed straight to look like more typical fur. However very thin, the lambskin sneak traps the wearer’s regular body warm keeping them warm and agreeable. The lambskin slink pelts are very small. They are normally no more than 2 square feet. Therefore they require more piecing together and stitching to create a coat. Creating a coat form lambskin slink is more of an art than a craft.

leather jackets

  1. Sheepskin Finish

Just as you can choose the country of origin and grade of sheepskin for your sheepskin coat or jacket, you can also choose the finish you prefer. The finish is the look and feel of the outside leather part of the pelt. The traditional finish for a sheepskin coat is suede. Suede is often also referred to as a Habana finish. The full-grain smooth leather like finish is often referred to as Nappa or Pesca. The Nappa finish is usually easier to clean and is often more stain resistant. Many believe the Nappa finish has a more sophisticated rather than rustic look.

For anyone who takes their wardrobe seriously, a sheepskin is clearly an absolute staple. Now be forewarned, a sheepskin coat is a significant investment. They are not cheap. However, with the proper care and storing, a quality pelt can maintain its beautiful sheen and insulating ability for literally decades. This is a wardrobe piece that your grand kids can wear when they are just becoming adults. If you choose your coat wisely, taking care to find one that you will wear again and again and never tire of, a timeless keepsake like this is well worth the cost.

Men’s Leather Jackets – A Perfect Outerwear To Be Worn Round The Year!

As the chill of winter comes to an end and the heat of summer starts knocking at the door, you would begin to replace your winter attire with summer ones in your wardrobe. Every sort of attire; from woolen gloves to mufflers and from sweaters to warm shoes, might need to be dished out except a few of those clothes that remain the hot and trendy in every season and there is no effect of climate or weather over them.

Leather jackets are the only apparel can be used throughout the year without considering of the hot and cold season. You just need to make the right investment for buying the perfect Men’s stylish leather jacket and you will be kept rewarded with its limitless features throughout the year.


How To Find The Great Pick For You?

Finding the great pick for men’s stylish leather jacket might require a little bit of your extra time, effort and attention but you can significantly ease the process by getting the good and unbiased referrals for stores that provide high quality leather jackets at best selling price. With a right store, you no longer need to bother about the quality, durability, price or any other prime factor associated with your leather jacket because it is the prestige of the company that assures you about all these things with the added features of lucrative deal and discounts.

Once you find the right and reputable store like to buy the best quality leather jacket, it means you have won almost half of the venture but it is not the end of the game. It is just the mid; now the next tough task is to make the right selection that may perfectly define the real you or accentuate the real masculine traits your personality exhibits.

Picking the right pick for you or the man of your life is also a big task. If you are buying for yourself, look at your closet first that which colors it lacks and what will compliment both your personality and your wardrobe while if you are going to shop for your man, you need to make sure about his taste, style, personality and preferences. No matter you are buying it for you or your man; always choose one that can be teamed up with any sort of attire while looking stylish and practical simultaneously.

Summing Up –

Men’s stylish leather jackets can equally be worn by all ages or group of people; be it teen boys, young, old men, cool dudes, college going boys or even the professionals. They are a sign of rich taste in fashion with elegance and style.

The Multiple Advantages Of Wearing Sheepskin Coat!

Leather jackets have been a functional and fashionable outfit for long decades. It is such a type of attire that is frequently worn by both women and men all around the globe. Mo matter kids or old, everyone is a crazy fan of wearing exclusive pieces of leather jackets. It is a well known fact that leather jackets are made from animal skins which are further processed for visual appeal, comfort and toughness.

Men sheepskin coats uk



The current market place is flooded with various types of leather jackets which can be used for a variety of purposes and occasions. However, out of all those styles, one style that has been the hot favorite of fashion conscious people is sheepskin coats. There are multiple advantages of wearing a sheepskin coat, let describe it in detail:


Sheepskin coats are a great way to stay warm and look stylish while feeling extremely luxurious at the same time. Shearling coats naturally retain the heat of the body and keep you warm even during the worst winter. Thanks to the crimp of the sheep’s wool that creates insulating air spaces.


Yes…it is true that sheepskin coats cost you a bit more than your average leather jacket but this little extra investment can be effectively made up with their increased durability features. With a little care and maintenance, these coats can be saved even for generations. There are a number of users or wearers who state that they wear their sheepskin coats for more than a couple of decade and still going strong!


Shearling jackets are water resistant. The fibers of the fabric possess water repellant layers that protect the coat against moisture without getting damp. Thus, sheepskin is a thermally regulating material. It just needs only to be lightly shaken out after getting exposed to snow or rain and smoothed over softly with a brush.


Aside from being water resistant, sheepskin wicks away perspiration, effortlessly keeping you dry and warm in a wide variety of climates.


Sheepskin coats are world famous for their casual and elegant style. Thus, they can be a standard type of outerwear for any type of occasion of the year. These coats come in a myriad of trendy silhouettes with beautiful accents and figure-flattering lines such as belted waists, fur trim, draped collars and curve-accentuating seaming. You will never have to compromise or sacrifice style because of the chilly winter with a sheepskin coat.

Not to mention buying a sheepskin coat is an investment, thus, don’t make your purchase from any local store. Buy it from a reputed store of UK like and be sure to get the best value of your money.

Sheepskin Jackets – The Hottest Fashion Trend For Today’s Generation!

Everyone who loves to stay in vogue can’t stay away from donning beautiful jacket. No matter the person is a girl or a boy; everyone is a close fan of luxurious leather jackets. It would not be unfair if is say that leather jackets are one of the most favorable items of the current fashion trend. It is such a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn anywhere anytime with any sorts of attire. So, it is all times favorite for one and all.


The market of leather jackets is full of dissimilar varieties of jackets such as bomber jacket, motorcycle jacket, designer jacket, sheepskin jacket and so on. However, out of all the other varieties, sheepskin jackets have been the hottest trend among all age people for long decades.

Sheepskin Jackets:

Sheepskin jackets are basically a type of jacket that is made with fur. Needless to say that fur is one of the most desirable aspects of modern clothing especially for funky females.

There are many types of fur jackets available in the market; so it’s quite essential for one to purchase a good quality jacket. The better the quality, the longer your jacket will last. Sheepskin jackets are very soft to feel, light in weight and durable in quality. So, it can be said that it is a sincere investment for lifetime.


Be Aware!

The heavier the sheepskin coats, the less flexible it will be. So always go for the lighter one. There are also a lot of fake fur coats are sold in today’s market place on the name of sheepskin jackets; which is the reason that you will find a huge difference in their price tags. Thereby, you are not supposed to end up buying any cheap quality jacket in the temptation of less price tag. A standard sheepskin jacket costs around $1,000. So, make your budget accordingly when planning to buy them.

Genuine Shopping Site:

Before you make a big investment on your exclusive coat, I would like to guide you to the right store i.e. It is a leading shopping site of UK in terms of providing only genuine and original leather jackets for today’s fashion world. This way you can stay assured that you are going to get the best deal on your sheepskin coat that will hopefully it last for years!

Try Something Different This Season – What About Sheepskin Jacket!

The age of seventies are back again in a big way this year; even better to say has never gone out of the trend when it comes to timeless style of  Men sheepskin jackets.

Look Good, Feel Great In A Stunning Sheepskin Jacket:

When a jacket tremendously carries the endorsement of WWII pilots, Clint Eastwood and James Dean, there can be no denying fact that it is a timeless piece, which strongly dignifies masculine appeal. And it is none other than a men sheepskin jacket.

The best way to tap this trend under your planned budget is to opt for one that uses faux Shearling. Though it may not offer the great warmth as expected with the deal, but when it comes to form and function, it works wonder to satisfy everyone’s needs in long run.

men-s-sheepskin-flying-jacket-irish men-s-shearling-sheepskin-jacket-rambo

Life Is Unexpected So As Weather Too!

You can never know what nature has brought to you in next coming hours or what surprise it has planned for you to unveil, which is why you should always be geared with the right types of attire that can closely give you comfort all the times regardless of weather or season. And when it comes to a versatile piece of clothing, nothing can meet or touch the supremacy of a sheepskin jacket.

Buy Best Quality In Best Price From Brandslock.Com!

This season on the catwalks, you are sure to explore more colors and textures than ever before provided that you visit the inventory of a trusted showroom like in UK. Not to speak of simple and sophisticated sheepskin jackets, even there are Shearling collars cropping up on Harrington, dynamic denim, biker and bomber jackets. Additionally, all those new addition to the existing collection are hitting the stores just in time for the chilly winter months. So, just be ready to get in on the Seventies swag again with the best pick of sheepskin jackets for this season.

Leather Jackets – Buying Guide!

Stylish men’s leather jackets and sheepskin coats have strongly stood the taste of time. From long decades ago to the current glamorous world, they have been significantly serving as a tremendous fashionable wear.

Even if leather jackets are the reflections of men’s sense of style, it can make them look outmoded unless they know the right way of wearing it. There are many pointers that can guide a man to appropriately wear this exclusive piece of clothing.

leather-brown-sheepskin-jacket-jamie men-s-shearling-sheepskin-jacket-usher

Appropriate Fitting:

One of greatest point about wearing this trendy piece of attire is its fitting. It must fit perfectly onto your body in order to accentuate your personality. An improper fitting can embrace the wearer while making him a laughing stock in public.

When shopping for exclusive men’s leather jackets in UK, make sure that they are specifically designed to compliment your body type not in a way that may degrade you.

Quality Material:

Leather is a quality material in itself but, be aware not to buy anything cheap on the name of leather as there are many fake or unauthentic pieces are sold in the market on the name of leather jackets. Though these jackets look good in appearance but when it comes to quality, they fall flat. Thereby, it is always wise to buy genuine piece of leather from a repute website like  in order to stay away from being swindled and be sure to buy best pick of your choice.

Complimentary Size:

You should also choose a size that may go well with your certain body type. For instance, you should pick and choose something that can confidently hide your potbelly instead of exaggerating it.

Trendy Color:

Color comes first when you are going to chose anything for you. Thus, you should always pick something that can compliment your skin tone as well as make you look fashionable at the same time. Though black and brown are the most common color for leather jackets, opting for any other funky color will also be a nice idea if you really dare to create a style statement.

Leather jackets are such a classy and exclusive piece of attire that must be in every man’s wardrobe in order to add sophistication to his style. These trendy leather jackets not necessarily cost an arm and a leg. You can find a great blend of affordability and quality in the vast inventory of

Sheepskin Jackets – A Prudent Investment!

No matter you are men or women, having an exclusive piece of attire that you can wear all the time on all types of occasions is a common wish to everyone. Such types of outfits not only accentuate your own personality but also compliment your wardrobe. Thereby, investing in a high quality leather coat or sheepskin jacket is always a better decision.

You might have a coat that is warm and comfy to wear all the time but you cannot simply look as elegant and classy in this coat as in a sheepskin jacket. When you buy a sheepskin jacket from, you are sure to bring durability, versatility, luxury, comfort and warmth to your home. All the extensive features of a good outfit are just rolled into one. The excitement does not end here only; they are hands-down the best jackets for making an appealing fashion impression.

men-s-shearling-sheepskin-duffle-coat-statesman men-s-shearling-sheepskin-duffle-coat-virginia

The finest feature of a jacket made of lambskin is that its fibers wick away moisture, keeping you both dry and warm, in any temperature. So, these coats can be a great outerwear to be comfortably worn yearly. Sheepskin jackets, which are widely known as Shearling coats are extremely popular in many countries of the globe including UK. Its trend can be simply seen on the street, at parties, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

For an extensive stylish man, it presents an outstanding opportunity to create a lasting fashion statement. When a man makes his next appearance at a fashionable soiree, he will surely cause heads to turn as he strolls through with his soft yet rugged new look. A men wearing a sheepskin jacket makes both a macho and a cool aspect of his personality, and not to mention, these two aspects are considered the most extensive and desirable part of any men’s personality.

Don’t be surprised, if women come closer to you to touch your coat or just ask about it. Shearling tends to give a rough and tough look to its wearer.

men-s-shearling-sheepskin-duffle-coat-alaska men-s-shearling-sheepskin-duffle-coat-vitali

If Shearling sounds like your type of style, rugged, cool, wild and sexy, you should not delay more in making lambskin jacket a part of your wardrobe. Though it is a big investment to your wardrobe, with the proper care and maintenance, you can pass it on to your grandchildren.

By finding a jacket that matches your personal taste, style and attitude, you can have a new wardrobe piece that will help you accentuate your personality, amplify your style and make a statement year after year.