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Different ways to suit yourself with a Leather Jacket for Men!

Irrespective of your age, style is one thing that can always make you happy. It is one thing that is always on the mind of every person. Suiting or styling yourself will always make you feel more confident, happy and presentable. Now men have a variety of things that would help them to get the best in them. One of the most presentable and never fading fashion wear is leather jackets. Right from the moderate weather to winters, Leather Jackets for men are not just going to provide you the utmost fashion upgrade but will also keep you warm inside.

Now let us see a few ways by which one can suit himself up with a leather jacket:

  1. One doesn’t necessarily have to think about the casual look while gearing up with a leather jacket. For those who don’t know about this, a leather jacket can also give you a very good formal look as well. All you need to do is club the jacket with pants and a formal shirt. In some place, you can also get the tie along with it, but then tie is optional.
  1. A short leather jacket is very compatible with a denim shirt and jeans. It is one of the best looks by far that you can attain with them. Moreover, to get something better you can always add on a cap or a muffler around your neck.
  1. One of the most famous and widely praised ways of grooving in, with a leather jacket is the biker’s style jacket. This stylish look will give you some added confidence and increasing your charm many folds. This style was invented in the year 1920s but it got a fan following from late 1950s. American riders love to pair their riding boots with the biker’s jacket style and so can you.
  1. If you think this is the end of the world then you are wrong. The list of leather jacket combinations is very well established and another way to make it look good on yourself is by combining it with a t-shirt which is buttoned till the top and tucked inside your jeans. Now to complete this look you can wear loafers or canvas shoes. And yes, don’t forget to wear your shades when you go out. But one thing that you need to be very careful about is the colors. Don’t miss match it.
  1. If you are more of a formal person then there is another look that you can thrive which would include you to combine it with a formal shirt, formal shoes, trousers, tie, vest coat and then a leather jacket. If at all you haven’t tried this for your office, just do it once.

These are top 5 looks that males can adopt while going to the office or joining friends and family in a party. Your leather jacket can do wonders; all you need to do is pair it up with the right match and get the best out of your looks.

Designer Leather Jacket – A Perfect Outerwear To Stay In Style Forever!

Do your outfits lack excitement? Does it look less appealing? Does your routine consist of that same humdrum look? Do you want to compliment your wardrobe with a timeless outerwear? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it is high time for you to give a makeover to your entire image.

 In the current fad forward phenomenon, a woman needs to keep pace with the hottest trend and style in order to look impeccably attractive. You can’t simply continue to survive in the scenario with the same sluggish look. Thus, it is time to change your appearance and the best way to do so without giving too much burden to your pocket is to don a designer leather jacket. 

Women’s Designer Leather Jacket –

If you are not yet familiar with the aura of a classic leather jacket, you might wonder how this particular clothing item can instantly give a new look to your stereotype appearance. Well, whatever the reason many be but it is a true fact that a designer jacket has become a fashion staple which is a must have outerwear for everyone; be it men or women.

Leather jackets are regarded as a versatile piece of attire for any possible occasion. Be it a casual evening party, a professional meeting or even a romantic date with your loved one, an authentic piece of leather jacket seems to be a perfect outerwear for all sorts of occasions that can’t go unnoticed.

Women tend to change their minds frequently when it comes to the clothes they wear on different occasions or regularly. One outfit may seem perfect for a particular day but will look less appealing or unexciting the other day. However, this is not the case with a designer leather jacket. It will always look as appealing and exciting as it used to appear when you put it on the first day. It can be worn all year round, regardless of weather, season, climate or occasion. A real piece of designer leather jacket can be called an excellent example of exclusive outerwear.


Leather Jacket & Its Craze Among Celebs –

A huge number of female celebrities are often spotted wearing such jackets.  Thus, this hot style of outerwear is not only popular with the common mass but are equally adored and admired by the famous personalities too. When these jackets are complimented with the best accessories, they look simply awesome. So, why not to give yourself a look of fashion diva by donning a designer leather jacket?

Bottom Line –

Just buy a pure leather jacket from the online showroom of Brandslock.com if not yet and be sure to accentuate your personality.

Leather Jackets and Its Innovations

The thing from where the men fashion starts and ends is the same thing which is suitable to all the kinds of the body size, and that is the leather jacket. It is the kind of clothing style which acquires the market and spread its monopoly in winters. It is the most comfortable, convenient and the stylish fashion of all the time.

Quality leather jacket for men online

History of leather jackets

I am not going to brief about the history of Quality leather jacket for men, but there is a story behind the leather jackets and that was as old and fashionable as the Texas. This fashionably immortal trend is actually designed for the cowboys, but later it was acquired by the other men and it became mammoth of fashion. From the beginning till now, it experienced lots of innovations and those are as follows: -

The Rock and Roll Types–

This innovation was basically done for the rock concerts or the star that is going to perform on the show, because of its flexible and stylish approach a leather jacket was the attempted first on the local stars and later it became so popular that the international celebrities started wearing it.

Puck Rock Types–

This was an innovation done by a group and they named it the punk rock type. It is a little bit shorter and colorful in design, which is not common, but a part of the glittering history.


This type of leather jacket usually comes in black or darker shades; it has long and flowing style in nature.

Metal head–

This style generally acquires the over-size in style and colors are black and chocolate.


It is specialized in becoming the barrier between the body temperature and the freezing winter. It is specially designed for covering the body and storing the heat in style.

Leather Blazer–

It is a fusion of traditional and classic style so you want to wear both the style you can try this innovation.


Now the most popular innovation, which actually makes the whole style and trend immortal and that is the biker jacket: The swag, the class and the style, which takes peoples heart at the first sight. Apart from the fashion it is a good protective coat which helps you in saving from the serious injuries


It is designed for the person who comes in the category of tough jobs like the policemen, security guards etc.

Military aviators–

Military style jackets are basically called as bomber jackets which is the second most famous kind of jacket, originally designed for the military people.

If you want this style in your wardrobe then check all the designs online and get an idea of their looks, you can have anyone because all the leather jackets have the same USP and that is the suitability and adorable looks.