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4 essential tips to shop the best mens designer leather jackets

Every one of you desires to put the decent and expensive clothes on. Talking about the most desired winter dress or outfit, it is sure that you will love leather jackets. Generally, a leather jacket is a very important wardrobe staple and the best way to express your dressing style. In other words, investing your money in purchasing a designer leather jacket values a lot as it lasts for several years.

Mens designer leather jackets are very costly. So, it is a very important question, how to shop a jacket for men. Here are four tips that will help you to choose and purchase the best one for yourself.

  • Fix a flexible budget for your leather jacket shopping. Fixing a budget will enable you to know how much amount you can spend of the purchase and help you choose the one quickly.
  • Know the material of mens designer leather jackets. These jackets are available in varied leather types. Choose the material which lasts for a longer period.
  • Select a style for your own jacket. The popular styles are blazer leather jacket, bomber leather jacket and zip-up leather jacket. In my opinion, hip-length leather jacket would be best for you. Keep your taste in mind while choosing one for yourself.
  • Never forget to look for textures and colours. Colour and texture plays a very import role in selecting a jacket. Leather jackets come up in varied colours like red, black, brown, grey, etc. The most popular colour is black. However, you can choose the colour as per your taste. The textures are thin or soft.

In addition to the above, you need to choose a reliable physical or virtual store selling mens designer leather jackets. It would be better to compare the quality and cost before purchasing one.

Leather jackets for women – three basic designs to choose

ladies-brown-leather-biker-jacket-madissonIn today’s world, leather jackets for women are available in almost every street garment store with a huge variety of styles, designs and colours to choose. You can get confused which to select for yourself. Such jackets are an addition to your wardrobe and wearing such one makes you feel great. Here are brief descriptions about the three basic designs.

Biker Jacket

Such style of jacket is available as ‘fashion’ item or a genuine motorcycle version. The first, although, can be styled around biker jacket, but it can’t be robust and shouldn’t be taken as a safe wear for bikers like you. The later, genuine motorcycle version, has deliberately placed padding to protect your body from impact and keep you warm. Such biker leather jackets for women are padded quite enough and have finishing around the hip. It can be available in zipped or laced versions. By using the zip or laces, you can tight the jacket.


The blazer is the classic style example of leather jackets for women. Normally, single breasted and slightly tailored, the blazer is liked by most of you as it is easy to wear. It is broad at the shoulders and becomes narrow coming to the waist and flares to fall a few inches below the hip. Generally, it has one, two or three buttons and two front pockets. Sometimes, it has only one pocket. The sleeves of the blazer are with or without cuffs.

Aviator Jacket

It is referred as flight or flying jacket, was mainly for pilots. It was a blouson or bomber style jacket with cuffs around shoulders and a collar around the neck. It was comfortable to wear and able to offer enough warmness to the wearer. Today, such leather jackets for women are very popular among females of all age groups. You can avail the jackets having full length front zip fastening, one/two front breast pockets, two side pockets and stylish designs.