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Simple tips for leather jackets cleaning

leather-brown-sheepskin-jacket-jamieIt is easy to invest money in purchasing leather jackets, but keeping the clothing nice may be a little difficult for some of you. Such a clothing piece has become a fashion item that everyone of you wants to put on. For your convenience, here are a few tips. Follow the below mentioned tips to keep your jacket nice and in good condition.

  • Don’t take this clothing to cleaners for a little touch is required. Just find a clean cloth and use a spray cleaner having no chemical substances. Wet the cloth using spray cleaner and wipe down your jacket made of leather fabrics.
  • Use water and a mild soap to clean this clothing, if you are intended to do it yourself. Ensure that you are using a gentle cloth for cleaning to protect the clothing from any damage on the layer of the leather.
  • You can use old fashioned shoe brush or a mohair brush for cleaning this outfit. Be sure that you will have good results with this cleaning. For better results, take a test before applying the tool on the entire outfit.
  • If you notice that your leather jackets have salt spots, act fast and use a gentle cloth piece and water to wipe down the spotted parts. Avoid using soapy or dirty water to clean the spotted parts.
  • When you notice that you have dripped something on this outfit, act immediately. Use a gentle brush, warm water and a mild soap to remove the substance.
  • Avoid using alcoholic, mineral or turpentine substance for cleaning purpose as they can destroy this clothing. In addition, stay away from the use of hair spray, body lotion and deodorants. If you want to use them, do it before wearing this outfit.

It is hoped that you would be able to take care of your leather jackets by following the above mentioned tips. Your outfit would be nice for a longer period of time.

Get familiar with the 5 style trends of men’s sheepskin jacket!

men-s-shearling-sheepskin-duffle-coat-statesmanUndoubtedly, shearling coats are a vintage style trend having roots in the wildest lifestyle of a cowboy. Such garments are made using the finest cuts of sheepskin and so, the pelt gives a great protection from the cold and the rain and the fur lining protects your body. These jackets are light in weight and comfortable to put on that you will never like to take it off.

It is an investment to purchase mens sheepskin jacket and so, it requires a lot of considerations before you take a final decision for its purchase. Here are five style trends that you should know.

The Aviator Jacket

It was very popular during the First World War. The fighter pilots wore this clothing to keep themselves protected from the rain and the bracing winds and kept them warm. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, some of these coats have detachable hoods. Some of shearling coats have fur collars and zipped closure.

The Barn Coat

Made especially for those men who are always outdoors for works and games, this type of clothing has become very popular. It is so warm and effective that you can easily sleep wearing it while on the go. If your lifestyle is outdoor-based, select such sheepskin jacket for yourself.

The Duffle Coat

It is more modern clothing piece and is highly acknowledged for warmth and style. Mostly preferred by sailors and fishermen it gives complete protection against extreme climatic conditions. It is well-known for ox horn toggle, hand-carved bone and loop closures.

The Car Coat

Most of automotive enthusiasts wore a shearing car coat to keep themselves warm and protect from the winds. Now, the car coat has become very popular among all who drive cars and has become a style statement for men. It has a buckle closure system and collar zips that offers ultimate warmth and protection from extreme weather conditions.

The Trench Coat

Such men’s sheepskin jacket was very popular among British military officers. The length of the Trench Coat is better for the people who live in northern climates and is usually worn as formal clothing. Inspired by the British military, even today’s Trench Coats have old elements like epaulets.