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Bomber Jackets- A forever fashion!

If you want to look stylish, classy as well as graceful at the same time, then no attire could be better than a bomber jacket!  These jackets look extremely stylish and dazzling when you wear it in a party.

Bomber jackets were started in World War I when European pilots needed warm coats to protect them from extreme cold climate.  Later, Americans noticed this jacket and developed their own bomber jacket trend. These jackets were mostly in brown color, and made of warm shearling leather.

With the passage of time, many Hollywood stars too started wearing bomber jacket and made it very popular among the masses. Some of the famous stars made this jacket popular are Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper, Annette Bening and Sarah Jessica Parker.

mens-black-hooded-leather-biker-bomber-jacket-bram mens-tan-leather-biker-bomber-jacket-jaxon

Like any piece of clothing, bomber jackets too come in various sizes, shapes styles and colors.  Some bomber jackets are hip-length while others are till the waist. Some have long sleeves but others have three-quarter length sleeves. Nowadays, bomber jackets also come for little girls, teens and young women.

Bomber jackets aren’t only made of leather. This adaptable attire is made of goatskin, sheepskin, horse and cow skins. They are produced in nylon, suede and acrylic. They are made with linings of fleece, faux fur, quilted lining, shearling, goose down, satin lining and polyester. Pockets on these jackets come in an array: cargo pockets, slash pockets, zip and button pockets. Pockets are located inside the jackets also. The collar of the coat can even be removed.

Bomber jackets come in various designs, some of them are-  A2 Bomber jacket, B3 Bomber Jacket, MN1 bomber jacket,  Hi- Visibility Bomber jacket, Aviator Bomber, Jacket, Nylon bomber jackets and waxed Denim bomber.  You can buy any as per your personality.   Also, it is reasonable, easy to care and very long lasting.

These qualities make bomber jacket a very special jacket. From world war one till now it is still being loved by all age group of people. What began as a pilot coat later became a fashion giant!

A Brief Buying Guide For Men’s Leather Jackets!

Leather jackets are a few of those essential items that must be in a man’s closet. It is one of the most classic pieces of attire that every man wishes to have. From looking rough and tough to being warm and comfy as well as giving that macho feel, a high quality designer leather jackets for men may fulfill all these functions and roles.

There are several considerations that you must keep in mind while determining on the perfect piece of a leather coat for your loved one. These considerations include color, quality, design, shape and size of clothing that you are going to buy. Bearing a handful tips in mind may help you a lot in getting the best pick of this versatile piece of clothing.

men-s-black-leather-blazer-nicolas men-s-double-breasted-leather-biker-jacket-dylan


Quality of leather is one of the most vital considerations which will significantly help you find a great deal in long run. One of the major indications of its quality is the place where the jacket was made. If it’s a UK product, it’s most probably a higher quality coat.

Designer Jacket:

Men’s designer leather jacket can additionally be a vital consideration since it determines how versatile the clothing may be. If you shop for a piece that comes with tons of intricate designs, you are most likely going to have something which can’t be a good choice for regular wear. This is why people tend to opt for simple look that defines the real masculine traits.

Classy Color:

Color of leather is also a crucial consideration to keep in mind. Though the people usually choose the jet black and brown option, that doesn’t define the real you. There are many other cool colors too like beige, gray etc that can also be a nice choice to go with in order to stay in style with grace and attitude.

A Superb Shopping Site:

Finally, the site where you make your purchase also plays a pivotal role in helping you get the best deal of your choice. Thus, you are strongly recommended to buy it from a trusted website of UK such as, which has been a leading name in regards to provide high quality leather jackets at a much pleasing price rate.

Leather Jackets – A Timeless Trend!

Wearing leather jackets in a right way has always been a classy way to keep pace with the latest trends as well as create a style statement. It is a big hit among men, women and even teenagers, which helps them make an impression. There are many local and online showrooms in UK that are heartily dedicated to the exclusive selling of this versatile piece of clothing.

mens-black-classic-latest-design-biker-leather-jacket-darcy mens-tan-leather-biker-bomber-jacket-jaxon

These jackets come in a several dissimilar types of material such as buffalo hide, cow hide, sheep and lamb skin etc.

  • Jackets made of buffalo hide are very durable, which is used to manufacture a variety of men’s jackets.
  • Jackets made of cow hide are one of the most durable forms of leather, which is especially utilized to make bomber or biker jackets.
  • Sheepskin and lambskin coats are one of the most expensive and softer forms of leather, which is used to design super cool jackets for a more high-end look.

Besides different materials, these jackets come in several different finishes too such as Nu buck and Suede.

Leather jackets also serve as a great safety gear since they are the first choice for military men and athletes who participate in NASCAR racing or Dirt Biking. The integrity of the leather can keep the wearer safe from severe road burns caused by mishaps or accidents.

Buying a perfect piece of leather jackets from the inventory of may seem rather expensive to you but believe me the quality you receive with your investment is truly unmatchable. Designers and manufacturers spend much time on constructing these exclusive jackets in order to create a unique look that can last much longer than an average coat.

So, going through the above mentioned details, you would have better understood that leather jackets can be the best investment in long run. When you look for protection, style and warmth, you should look no further than buying an exclusive piece of leather from a prestigious website in UK. With a number of styles, colors, materials and brands, there is always a leather jacket to fit every purpose and specific body curves.

Leather Jackets – Buying Guide!

Stylish men’s leather jackets and sheepskin coats have strongly stood the taste of time. From long decades ago to the current glamorous world, they have been significantly serving as a tremendous fashionable wear.

Even if leather jackets are the reflections of men’s sense of style, it can make them look outmoded unless they know the right way of wearing it. There are many pointers that can guide a man to appropriately wear this exclusive piece of clothing.

leather-brown-sheepskin-jacket-jamie men-s-shearling-sheepskin-jacket-usher

Appropriate Fitting:

One of greatest point about wearing this trendy piece of attire is its fitting. It must fit perfectly onto your body in order to accentuate your personality. An improper fitting can embrace the wearer while making him a laughing stock in public.

When shopping for exclusive men’s leather jackets in UK, make sure that they are specifically designed to compliment your body type not in a way that may degrade you.

Quality Material:

Leather is a quality material in itself but, be aware not to buy anything cheap on the name of leather as there are many fake or unauthentic pieces are sold in the market on the name of leather jackets. Though these jackets look good in appearance but when it comes to quality, they fall flat. Thereby, it is always wise to buy genuine piece of leather from a repute website like  in order to stay away from being swindled and be sure to buy best pick of your choice.

Complimentary Size:

You should also choose a size that may go well with your certain body type. For instance, you should pick and choose something that can confidently hide your potbelly instead of exaggerating it.

Trendy Color:

Color comes first when you are going to chose anything for you. Thus, you should always pick something that can compliment your skin tone as well as make you look fashionable at the same time. Though black and brown are the most common color for leather jackets, opting for any other funky color will also be a nice idea if you really dare to create a style statement.

Leather jackets are such a classy and exclusive piece of attire that must be in every man’s wardrobe in order to add sophistication to his style. These trendy leather jackets not necessarily cost an arm and a leg. You can find a great blend of affordability and quality in the vast inventory of

Leather Jackets – Fashion Forever Trend!

Leather jackets are such a timeless piece of attire that seems to never go out of vogue. They are quite versatile to be worn at every occasion of the year as they don’t only look stylish, but also proffer plethora of other benefits to it wearer.

womens-sheepskin-leather-jacket-berry womens-black-biker-leather-jacket-brenda

Leather jackets are referred as a fall fashion staple due to its subtle aptitude to remain functional for work and sport. An exclusive piece of leather jacket will take you from dawn to dusk, seven days a week and 12 months a year. Throw it over a miniskirt at night, a chic dress for work, a pair of shorts at fun time and boyfriend jeans on the weekends. Don’t dump your new love in chilly winter months—simply add some more layers of protection and you are good to go.

Think hard and long about your unique persona and opt for such a leather jacket that beautifully fits into your extensive style and pompously accentuate your feminine traits. Days come and go, occasions occur and pass through but you can stay assured wearing it for year to come. This timeless trend can easily be explored in a wide range of silhouettes, from the most streamlined and classic to the edgiest biker jacket.

If you are also a keen lover of leather jackets or having a strong passion to wear something different from crowd like me, just scroll through your favorite jackets at the inventory of!

womens-sheepskin-leather-jacket-cathy womens-sheepskin-leather-jacket-ann

A Recommended Way To Satisfy Your Shopping Craze!

If you really wish to end up buying a best piece of Leather jacket for women, you had better bear the below things in mind:

  • Be sure to pick the best fit
  • Don’t be too strict to your budget
  • Choose a style that define your personality
  • Go for a color that compliments your style
  • Buy one that can strongly create your own style statement
  • Contemplate on an exclusive piece that can make you stand apart from the crowd.

Just browse through the above mentioned shopping site of UK and stay assured to buy the best pick of your choice!

Sheepskin Jackets – A Prudent Investment!

No matter you are men or women, having an exclusive piece of attire that you can wear all the time on all types of occasions is a common wish to everyone. Such types of outfits not only accentuate your own personality but also compliment your wardrobe. Thereby, investing in a high quality leather coat or sheepskin jacket is always a better decision.

You might have a coat that is warm and comfy to wear all the time but you cannot simply look as elegant and classy in this coat as in a sheepskin jacket. When you buy a sheepskin jacket from, you are sure to bring durability, versatility, luxury, comfort and warmth to your home. All the extensive features of a good outfit are just rolled into one. The excitement does not end here only; they are hands-down the best jackets for making an appealing fashion impression.

men-s-shearling-sheepskin-duffle-coat-statesman men-s-shearling-sheepskin-duffle-coat-virginia

The finest feature of a jacket made of lambskin is that its fibers wick away moisture, keeping you both dry and warm, in any temperature. So, these coats can be a great outerwear to be comfortably worn yearly. Sheepskin jackets, which are widely known as Shearling coats are extremely popular in many countries of the globe including UK. Its trend can be simply seen on the street, at parties, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

For an extensive stylish man, it presents an outstanding opportunity to create a lasting fashion statement. When a man makes his next appearance at a fashionable soiree, he will surely cause heads to turn as he strolls through with his soft yet rugged new look. A men wearing a sheepskin jacket makes both a macho and a cool aspect of his personality, and not to mention, these two aspects are considered the most extensive and desirable part of any men’s personality.

Don’t be surprised, if women come closer to you to touch your coat or just ask about it. Shearling tends to give a rough and tough look to its wearer.

men-s-shearling-sheepskin-duffle-coat-alaska men-s-shearling-sheepskin-duffle-coat-vitali

If Shearling sounds like your type of style, rugged, cool, wild and sexy, you should not delay more in making lambskin jacket a part of your wardrobe. Though it is a big investment to your wardrobe, with the proper care and maintenance, you can pass it on to your grandchildren.

By finding a jacket that matches your personal taste, style and attitude, you can have a new wardrobe piece that will help you accentuate your personality, amplify your style and make a statement year after year.

Leather Jacket For Women – A Hot Trend!

Gone are the days when leather jackets were merely a symbol of manliness and machismo, nowadays this exclusive piece of attire is widely worn by women too. Therefore, it can be commonly noticed that leather jacket has been a statement of personality and attitude in today’s unisex world.

Women-shearling-sheepskin-jacket-kareena Women-leather-biker-jacket-gemma

Let’s Have A Look At Some Key Points Of Leather Jackets:

  • Types:

There are several types of leather jackets available in the fashion market. Some of those various designs include leather blazers, bomber jackets, overcoats, reversible jackets, suede jackets and biker jackets.

  • Materials:

These jackets not only vary in terms of design but also in regards to sizes, colors, styles and materials. Some of those materials used to make such wonderful attire for women include suede, calfskin, cowhide, lambskin, goatskin and ostrich leather.

  • Design Pattern:

More often than not, leather is embossed with Crocodile, alligator, snakeskin and other famous patterns in order to add beauty and style to the jacket.

  • Style:

Some of the most popular styles of women leather jackets are short sport jackets, classic button-closing jackets, zipper closings, reversible double-faced jackets, trench coats, long leather coats and other funky jackets. Besides, it can also be found in open, closed, no collars double- and single-breasted styles. Women jackets are available in three- and four-button styles. Waist-length and trench coats are available in double button styles. Leather jackets made with lambskin are available with faux fur attachments.

Leather is Versatile:

Leather is such a versatile piece of material that its demand never seems to go out of fashion. Leather that is used to make jackets is not of ordinary type on the contrary it is much classy and exclusive. Despite all, leather continues to attract people of all ages with its virtue of looking lavish and luxurious.

Online Showroom In UK World Class Leather Jackets:

If you are a person with keen passion of indulging into a rational approach or just opting for casual look, is a superb place in UK where you can give wings to your imagination of choice. So, just have a visit at this superb website and be sure to buy what you have been longing for years. What are you still awaiting? Go on to complement your closet with an extraordinary piece of women’s leather jacket right away!

Look stylish and trendy with Bomber Jacket

Who doesn’t want to improve his/her look and personality? We all want! For this reason, we experiment with many dresses to look stylish and attractive. One such garment that makes you very stylish and attractive is bomber jackets.

History of bomber jacket:

Initially bomber jacket used to be worn by US air force pilots in WWII for safety from extreme climatic conditions as these jackets are made of heavy and thick leather.

However very soon, the fashion designers noticed the charm of these jackets and they introduced their own versions of bomber jackets. Steadily, many Hollywood celebrities too started wearing this jacket and it became very popular in all parts of the world.

mens-black-leather-jacket mens-black-leather-puffer-jacket-thunder

A bomber jacket is warm, comfortable and stylish. It keeps a person warm in excess cold climate. Besides, you can also wear bomber jackets in all types of occasions such as evening party, club party, cocktail party etc. You can wear it is semi-formal or formal type of occasion as it looks perfect with any kind of dress. A bomber jacket has capability to give a complete makeover. Once you wear this jacket, you will look very smart, classy, elegant and royal. Undoubtedly, bomber jackets deserves special place in your wardrobe.

Maintenance of bomber jacket:

Bomber jacket does not require much maintenance. Just a few measures can keep your jacket in pristine condition. Wash it once in a year with stain protector and damp cloth and mild soap solution. After that, use a towel to soak excess water. And then hang the jacket in an airy place. To protect the jacket from cracking and drying, you can also apply a leather conditioner on it.

Buy it online:

Today, you can easily find bomber jackets in multiple colors, size and design at many online shops as well as physical stores. Brandslock is one such online website which sells high quality bomber jackets for all age group of person at an affordable rate. Just go through the website and buy your favorite type of bomber jacket.

Designer Leather Jacket – For Men’s Rough & Tough Look!

A well-fitting leather jacket is inevitably the utmost identifier of a well-dressed gentleman. These leather pieces for men are specifically designed by professional designers to suit every occasion and style.

If you are in search of finding the best pieces of Men’s designer leather jackets, you must go through the below mentioned tips which will help you identify the best blazers available in fashion market today.

mens-black-leather-puffer-jacket-thunder mens-tan-leather-jacket-liam

  • Choose One With Elegant Cut:

The popular choice for men’s jacket with exclusive cuts include biker jackets, bomber jackets etc. these jackets are specifically altered to fit all types of body such as high shoulders, broad shoulders, wide chests etc. Thus, you must have the appropriate body measurements while shopping for the same.

  • Choose A Chic Color:

Though the most preferred jackets colors are black and brown, there is also no lack of other trendy colors such as yellow, red, blue etc. when it comes to elegant and classic pieces of leather jackets. In most of the cases, these colors go well with all types of occasion and style in today’s time. The only thing that you have to consider while making a selection is to choose a color that may match the rest of the attire and accessories you intend to wear.

mens-black-leather-jacket-treasure mens-black-leather-jacket-outsider

  • Go For The Fine Quality:

Original leather jackets are either made up of cow hide or lambskin. Most of the men usually prefer lambskin to cowhide since it offers a dressy and glossy appeal while being softer to the skin. The only limitation with lambskin is that it is not as durable as jackets made with cowhide. It is the reason cowhide jackets are more preferable. They give a rough or tough appearance what men exactly like to have.

If you put all the above pointers in play while shopping for designer leather jacket from, you are sure to secure the best quality of leather jackets available in the market today.

In a nut shell, designer leather jackets for men have been a great contribution to fashion world as they actually bring out the unseen beauty of anyone who dons them.

Considerable Factors While Shopping For Leather Jackets

The time when you make up your mind to invest in a high quality leather jacket, the very crucial aspects that you want to consider is usually depend on two things; first is the authenticity of the leather and second is the price of the jacket.

men-s-brown-leather-jacket-efron men-s-black-leather-jacket-patched

Genuineness & Price:

Well, if you are in search of finding a genuine quality leather jacket for men and women, you will have to a bit compromise with your budget. It is inevitable; high quality leather jackets may of course make you pay a little extra but it will worth value for it.

Just imagine how useless it is to pay for something that does not fit your taste and saving some pennies on fake leather is equivalent to the same. Thus, you should be a little more generous for paying a little extra for original leather pieces. You must stick by the authentic products when plan to invest in an exclusive jacket for you or your loved one!

Manufacturing State:

After being finalized on terms of price and authenticity of the jacket, another vital factor that needs to be given importance is the manufacturing state of the jacket. While you hunt for a lavish piece of leather coats, it should be manufactured in the UK as UK is a leading manufacturer of high quality leather products for men and women. You can count on the local products too, but be sure they are genuine and original not spurious.

men-s-black-leather-jacket-jeff men-s-brown-leather-biker-jacket-mathew

Shopping Site:

Having decided the manufacturer, last but not the least consideration is the place where you make your purchase from. Though there several offline and online showrooms that sell such jackets, not all of them can be as reliable as It is such a prestigious shopping site that sells 100% genuine leather pieces at a very reasonable price and each of such pieces are sure to last long and meet the taste of the potential buyer. The only mission and vision of this stupendous shopping site is to have a happy and satisfied customers that is the reason that it has a proven track record in UK and no any other site can beat its record in terms of quality and authenticity.

Bottom Line:

Once you ensure all these factors together while making an investment in classic pieces of leather jackets, you can get ready to grab the best jacket of the season.