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Know How to Dress Men’s Bomber Jacket in Style

Unquestionably, men’s bomber jacket collection is one of the most sought-after outwear choice. The bomber jacket comes in a variety of styles and is a timeless piece of outwear that every man desires to own and most of the men have in their wardrobe. No matter, whether you are looking for comfort and warmth or just want a style statement to complete your casual attire, the bomber jacket is the answer. In this blog, I’ll help you to navigate how to don a bomber jacket in style. So, continue the reading to know which colored jacket goes with what!

 # Black Bomber Jacket

It is true that while checking out men’s bomber jacket collection it is impossible to skip the black color. Everyone knows black never goes out of fashion. Black is known to be classic and evergreen too. A black bomber jacket is considered to be the most versatile outwear which can be put on a variety of outfits. If you really want to outstand yourself, try a black nylon bomber jacket. It easily goes with edgy outfits and gives smarter appearance with wool and suede styles. Try out a few and tailor your look accordingly.

designer leather jacket for men

 # White Bomber Jacket

White jackets are uncommon to see and very few choose to wear them. But, it doesn’t mean they don’t look fashionable. White bomber jackets are the coolest one and are perfect for fresh spring look. Due to neutral hue, they can be paired with t-shirts of many colors easily. To achieve an awe-inspiring look, try to team them up with either light pieces or contrasting pieces. Both will do the trick of looking amazing.

 # Suede Bomber Jacket

Suede bomber jacket may not be ideal for a rainy reason but can impart you a stylish and chic look. The unusual texture of fabric provides a unique twist of style to the bomber jacket. When it comes to choose suede bomber jacket, pick colors like brown, beige and stone as they tend to look best, cool and trendy. However, the shades of white, black and navy are capable of providing a bold look and leave a stronger impact.

# Burgundy Bomber Jacket

Want to add a touch of attitude to your style? Try out burgundy bomber jacket and stand out from the crowd. To rock the look in burgundy bomber, team it up with black jeans and black t-shirt or hoodie. This will give you an edgy casual look which is perfect for a weekend.

 # Olive Bomber Jacket

Olive hue is one of the favorite colors of men these days. So, why not buy an olive bomber to spend time with your friends at the evening party or to go on trekking? This unique color goes very well with military aesthetics and is also ideal for achieving a casual look. This jacket looks best with the basic pants such as chinos or jeans. It also tends to appear complimentary when worn with neutral hues or earthy shades.

 So, what are you waiting for? Check out exquisite men’s bomber jacket collection, do some shopping and make your friends envy you.

Why Winter Wear Market is Flooding with Shearling Leather Coats? Check It Out!

As the winter comes, people start hunting warmer coats which can protect them from the harsh chilling air, natural salts and snowflakes and at the same time can also make them look stylish. Shearling leather coats, fur coats and thermal jackets are some of the winter outfits people love to wear. But when it comes to get rid of the unforgiving coldness by not crossing budget limits, shearling outerwear is more popular in the apparel industry. Moreover, shearling apparel is an item of the moment, which means it’s getting trendier and people have fallen in love with this item. Not only it has royal appearance, but its attributes are also making it worth spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on it.

The popularity of shearling leather coats in UK is backed from the facts that they are warmer than the down, look as novel as fur, last longer than any other winter apparel and also available at affordable prices. As the time is passing, the demand of shearling apparels is also surpassing the demands of fur apparels. They are making a great alternative for women and men who have a limited budget and want something luxurious to wear in festivities, occasion and even in daily life. In winters, shearling coats can work as your all time outwear when temperature is touching its extreme downside limits.

leathers jackets online uk

Wanna know how shearling leather coats provide much warmth to fight dreary weather conditions?

Shearling is lamb’s thick wool pile attached with the top side of the lambskin. This wool is highly supple and smooth in nature. The hide side of coat is impermeable to the wind while the wool acts as an insulator for the wearer. Thus, the whole shearling is capable of preventing the cold air to penetrate inside and making you feel cozy. To make the most of its warmth attribute, shearling is usually worn with hide side out and the wool side in. This is the reason that shearling leather coats are proved to be warmer than the down and other winter outfits.

Another advantage that makes shearling leather coats preferable choice is lightweight. Surely, it is quite cumbersome and daunting to put on the clothes which look and feel heavier than your own weight. With the advancement in design and fabrication process in textile industry, shearlings can be easily cleaned and processed in ways that it does not possess much weight. Qualities like suppleness and lightweight make shearling garments much more comfortable than heavy and bulky coats of fur, down or simple wool.

But whenever you make your way in the shearling garments market, you need to keep some points in your mind. Make sure that the brand or store you have chosen exercise return policies. In case you find something wrong in the coat after coming home, you can easily return it. Assess the quality by touching it, the more supple, lighter and softer it feels, the better its quality. All seams must be properly finished and hue must be same all over. So, what are you waiting for? Make your winter into stylish season by purchasing shearling leather coats online or from local store or brand showroom. Choice is always yours!

How To Choose A Suitable Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a must have in the wardrobe of every man these days. Men’s leather jackets are no longer confined to just one type and one look; you can get these in various shades and designs now. The versatility of these timeless classics is unquestionable. Besides suits, this is one of the biggest investments that a guy can make in his wardrobe.

Here are a few things that you must consider while buying a leather jacket to leave an everlasting impression in the mind of those who see you wearing it.

Consider the type of leather

Leather in itself is of various types. For your knowledge, there is a difference between hides and skins- hides are the pelts of bigger animals, whereas the skin is procured from small animals. Read below to know more about the types of leather:

  • Shearling

This is procured from sheep and then tanned, with the wool still on it. Shearling leather coats have a suede surface on the outside and a wool lining on the inner side.

  • Calfskin

This leather is basically the hide of a calf that is less than 3 years old, in most cases. Calfskin is very soft, with fine grain, and yet durable at the same time.

  • Ponyskin

More often than not, this is a misleading word that designers use. In reality, this is calfskin only which is sold by the name of ponyskin. You should always double check before going on to purchase a product that is being claimed as the one made of pony skin.

  • Ostrich

This is mostly procured from South Africa and is known for its distinctive bumpy pattern. The intricacies involved in its production make it an expensive purchase.

  • Crocodile and alligator

These are both very similar to each other in terms of pattern and texture. They are both made from oblong and square scales referred to as tiles. The difference is, however, apparent in a closer look as crocodile skin has little dots (hair follicles) close to the scale edge. Alligator skin is considered premium out of the two.

shearling leather coats uk

Consider the style of jacket you would like to purchase

Mentioned below are the five major styles of jackets to choose from.

  • Bomber jacket

This is undoubtedly the most popular style of a leather jacket which has a simple collar, elasticated bottom and cuffs, and a zip in the front. This is an all-rounder and is a wardrobe staple of many.

  • Biker jacket

This is a style that comes first in the mind of all those who wish to purchase a leather jacket. Typically styled with jeans, this has large collar flaps and zip to one side in most cases. Go with a jacket that is not too flashy, with an overload of buckles and zips.

  • Racer jacket

As the name suggests, it is known so for its association with motorcycle racing. It usually does not have a collar; the bottom and cuffs are plain. This is usually worn by those having a fitted body.

  • Fatigue jacket

This is longer in length as compared to other styles of leather jackets. This can either be a buttoned jacket or a zip one and is perfect for wearing outdoors.

  • Flying jacket

These are lined with shearling and are considered statement pieces by a lot of people since they were typically designed to keep the air aces in WW1 from freezing in their open cockpits.

Investing in the right piece will ensure that it stays with you for years to come. The reputation of the shop from where you choose to purchase, matters a lot in this regard and therefore, this decision should be taken carefully.

Sheepskin Coat- An eternal classic

A sheepskin coat is not merely a stylish garment to keep you warm; it is a timeless classic that has continued to gain admiration over the years. These are famously also called the shearling coats. Many historians are of the belief that many centuries ago, people in Himalayan and Siberian regions used to wear these coats to safeguard themselves from the wrath of winters. On seeing someone wearing one of these coats, an image of cowboys is conjured in the mind. Adding it to your wardrobe is a great way to feel the same power, independence, and sturdiness.

What to keep in mind while buying a sheepskin coat?

Do thorough research about different sheepskin coats

Before you buy a coat, do some research to learn all about the various available options in the market. This will ensure that you are able to find a coat that best suits your requirements. Additionally, you can acquaint yourself with the price for which your favorite is being offered. Sheepskin coat is, in general, a heavy investment but, if it is a good quality piece, it will last you for over a few decades.

Choose a coat that best fits the climate in which you stay the most

This is another important consideration that you need to make is that of the temperature in which you will be wearing the coat. You must invest in a coat that will be best suited for the climate in which you stay. You do not want to spend so many dollars only to have them wasted. It is best to invest in a piece that suits different weathers to make the most of it.

Look and feel do not lie

Visiting a store to make the purchase is suggested when you are clueless about how you should buy a sheepskin coat. Try out several coats to experience how they look and feel on you. Superior quality coats will have a smooth exterior finish, the fur will be nice and soft. Picking one coat for its quality will not be difficult at all as it will stand out from the rest.

Find out the best manufacturers

Before deciding on one shop from which you will purchase, weigh your options and look up different sources. It is seen that family-owned organizations are able to consistently deliver superior quality products and this is the main reason why they have managed to stay ahead in this line. If you decide to purchase through an online store, then do check their return policy and other such information.


Spanish Merino shearling is considered to be a great choice when it comes to sheepskin coats. However, what surpasses even the famous Spanish Merino is the lambskin slink which is predominantly procured from New Zealand. Since lambskin pelts are very small, it takes more time for stitching and sewing of coats when these pelts are used.

Besides this, you can also choose a finish of your preference. There is the Habana finish coat which comes in suede fabric and there is the Nappa or Pesca finish coat which is in smooth leather.