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Essential Precautions to Take While Cleaning Leather Bomber Jackets!!

Leather bomber jackets are naturally dirt and debris resistant, and unlike other materials that catch hold of dirt and dust, leather withstands them. You can easily wear your leather jackets whenever you want without stressing about it becoming dirty or stained. But, it is still a wise idea to clean your jackets thoroughly on a regular basis to preserve its attractive features and overall appearance.

However, to keep your leather jackets looking like new, there are certain things about cleaning and maintaining them that you must keep in mind. There are some cleaning instructions that you must follow – mentioned below are a few major ones.

Check the jacket’s label:

The golden rule of cleaning your leather jacket is to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Since different manufacturers use different materials and techniques to manufacturer their jackets, it’s wise to thoroughly know about the cleaning instructions that come with them. Typically, mentioned inside the collar of the jacket, the label gives out the manufacturers’ advises and tips for caring and cleaning the jacket.

Never use any kind of stain-removing fabric product unless it says safe for leather:

Available at most of the grocery stores, stain-removing fabric products are formulated elements of ingredients that extract all types of stain from the fabric. However, unless they say safe for leather, its best to avoid their use on your leather jacket. Leather has several pores that basically absorb moisture, and when any stain removing product is used, the harsh chemicals get absorbed in the leather, thereby causing the jacket to fade and crack.

Don’t wash your leather jacket in a washing machine or dryer:

This point is worth mentioning because, for the sake of easiness, many people wash their leather jackets in a washing machine, and then regret later. Keep in mind that your dryers or washing machine are simply too harsh for leather and can certainly deteriorate the texture of your jacket.

Always use a mild soap solution for cleaning:

Unless differently mentioned on the jacket’s label, it’s best to clean your leather jacket with a mild soap solution. To make this solution, just fill up a bottle with water (lukewarm), gentle dish soap, and stir the solution well till mixed properly. Soak a sponge with this solution and wipe it over the surface of your jacket to eliminate debris and dust. However, before applying the solution directly onto your jacket, we recommend testing it in a discreet area.

Make sure to dry your jacket after cleaning:

Upon using a soap solution or any other leather cleaning product, make sure to dry the jacket naturally. You should never use any type of heating product for drying-let the jacket air dry itself. Besides, to protect your leather jacket from mildew issues, get into the habit of air drying it immediately once you’ve cleaned it thoroughly.

Aside from these cleaning precautions, also remember to condition your jacket shortly after cleaning and drying it. Always use a special leather conditioning product to soften the leather texture, and to protect it from drying.  A good rule of thumb is to condition your leather bomber jacket once every alternate month to preserve its softness and original appearance.

So, now that you are aware of these major care tips, make sure to follow them the next time you clean your leather bomber jacket.


4 Things Not To Do When Cleaning Your Favorite Leather Biker Jacket!!

Leather biker jackets don’t come cheap, so if you’ve bought one, I am sure you’ll want to keep it in the best condition for as long as possible. However, before you avoid spills and damage to that expensive outwear, your first thought should be to learn about things that you shouldn’t do when cleaning your leather jacket. Below we have compiled a list of a few don’ts that should be followed carefully when cleaning and maintaining your leather biker jacket.

1. Do not use any soap or household Cleansers: When cleaning your leather jacket, make sure you don’t use any type of soap or household cleanser, even for removing a spot stain. Since leather is porous in nature, the high PH value of cleaning agents can damage the leather’s entire structure and texture. Also, it’s more likely to get visible cracks and damages when leather is diluted or if you are using soap. And because a leather jacket is something that flexes, ensuring the durability of the leather is very crucial if you want your jacket to serve you for many years to come.

2. Do not use just any random leather treatment product: Today you can find different types of leather available in the market, each with different purposes and different cleaning needs. For instance, if you are using saddle soap to clean your leather jacket, then keep in mind that this product also contains a higher PH and has a lot of oil. So, if you clean your jacket with this product, its high oil content, and PH value will coat the pores of the leather, thereby resulting in trapping the entire dirt together. Plus, high oil cleansers are also slightly alkaline in nature that runs the risk of long-term damage to the base and texture of the jacket.

3. Don’t assume that leather cleaners and leather conditioners are the same: Ideally, a leather cleaning agent will help your leather biker jacket to age well and also avoid cracking, however, you should keep in mind to not use any type of leather conditioner on a dirty jacket or use a conditioning product to clean a leather jacket. Always remember that conditioning agents are very higher in oil and you’ll likely get the same damage as the soap mistake. So, make sure you use soft and dedicated leather cleaner first and then condition it with the right product.

4. Don’t delay cleaning your leather Jacket: Even if you have the best leather cleaner, you’ll still have to be aware of the timing of your cleaning process. This means that if you notice your leather jacket has mud, dirt, and grease, then make it a point to remove them immediately without wasting your time. If you wait, the grease or mud will likely settle into the pores of your jacket, thereby damaging it and making it more difficult to clean.

 So, now that you know what not to do when cleaning your leather jacket, follow these points carefully and clean your jacket with the right products timely. Doing all this will ensure that your jacket serves you for good years to come.

bomber jacket

Buy the Best Quality Leather Bombers Jacket to look different!!

Winter is here, so it’s time to reshuffle your wardrobe to make some space for new woolen clothes. The winter is the season to showcase your fashion sense when you are out. You can include a variety of options in your wardrobe to make it new every day. It is always a wise idea to keep shuffling between your clothes to refresh your mood. It is a well-known fact that the type and colour of your clothes can affect your mood accordingly. And, there is no better time than winter to opt for different moods and flavors. The leather jackets are the most preferred choice among all age groups to keep them warm from the icy cold weather. When it comes to leather jackets, a leather bombers jacket is the best choice for you.

Invented as a flight jacket during WWII, a bomber jacket is a casual jacket type that is very popular apparel among youngsters. It has evolved with time and now comes in various designs and cuts for different purposes. Then a flight jacket or pilot jacket for a specific purpose is now popular as a fashionable bomber jacket for winters. Leather bomber jackets are usually bulky in nature that offers comfortable wearing throughout your outing in chilled weather.  They are bulky in nature with saggy/loose armholes, elastic ribs, and hem. It usually has a zipper in front and made of using polyester, nylon and cotton materials.

The leather bomber jackets are available for both men and women fashion in different sizes, styles colors. Almost all the popular clothing brands have them in their catalogs. You can easily order your choice of bomber jackets from many online fashion stores and get them delivered at your doorsteps during the season. You can easily find a jacket for yourself at an online store in many designs and colors. You can also buy a designer leather bomber jacket for the party purpose as per your requirement. When you buy jackets online, you get to choose from a variety of options and colors for all sizes and purposes. These online stores also offer many discounts and offer to their customers.

When you decided to buy a leather bombers jacket online, always find the best marketplace for your shopping needs. Do a little research before buying clothes online and make sure about your size. It is always a better idea to check your size at home or in a near clothing store before ordering your choice of jackets online. Many people shop online today, hence there are a lot of reviews and ratings of the products and online stores. Do check the online reviews, ratings, and testimonials of the individual products as well as the online store before placing your order.

Go through the complete catalogue on the product category page to check out all the available designs. Check for the product images to get an idea about how they may look on your body. Almost all the online stores showcase modelled images of their products for the proper representation. Don’t forget the avail of the available discount offers on the online store to save some money.


6 Trendy Colors for Bomber Jackets!!

Bomber jackets are the style statement not only for men but also for women. If you like a lavish wardrobe and finding ways to expand your options, I would recommend you to add bomber jackets with some splash of colors. Wearing the same color every time can wear down your enthusiasm. Besides, it’s also not cool that you always carry the same jacket everywhere you go. So, buy some different colored leather bomber jackets and go out in the street always with high spirits.

1. Burgundy Bomber Jacket:

This is certainly a different color that is not found with every other person. Even though this color was initially favored by punks, it is becoming one of the most favored colors to add a touch of attitude to your outfit. A burgundy hued leather bomber jacket in your wardrobe is something that you must have. However, the right sense of styling is vital to look stylish and casual. Try teaming it up with black or beige jeans and a t-shirt or hoodie.

2. Black Bomber Jacket:

Black is a classic choice that never goes out of style. Besides, it can be worn with a variety of colors. It appears sleek and bestowed you with a stylish athleisure look. It never fails to give you an edgy look and smarter appearance. So, this is a must-have color when it comes to buying leather bomber jackets.

 3. Olive Bomber Jacket:

Olive always remains a popular choice among men. Lately, women are also developing an interest in this green shade as well. It is perfect for achieving military aesthetics and stylish casual attire. To complement the rest of your look, pair it with basic pants, such as chinos or jeans. Besides, it also imparts a flattering influence when worn with neutral colors or earthly shades.

4. White Bomber Jacket:

White is the color that is rarely chosen when it comes to bomber jackets. However, it is by no means a bad choice. On the contrary, it is an ideal statement piece as it gives you a fresh spring look. It imparts you a unique look without making your overly bold. White is a versatile color and works fine with a vast range of other colors. To rock the look, it is best to wear it with other light pieces such as soft blue jeans or tan chinos and white sneakers.

5. Red Bomber Jacket:

For people who love to be trendy and demand instant attention, red bomber jacket is an excellent option. However, it makes you look fashion-forward only if you style it carefully. Just try to wear basic items in classic tones. To look bold, you can pair it with dark blue jeans, a white crew-neck t-shirt and sneakers.

6. Suede Bomber Jacket:

Though suede bomber jacket may not be ideal for the rainy season, you look smart and stylish in such a jacket. Whenever you go shop for suede bomber jacket, remember that colors such as brown, beige and stone usually look best. However, shades such as black, white and navy can impart a stronger influence.

 Start your new decade with some stylish leather jackets. While they are also available in other fabrics in the market, leather bomber jackets are counted as luxurious and lavish outerwear.