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Bomber Jackets Remains an Essential Men’s Wardrobe Addition in 2021

With a massive sub-cultural history, the status of timeless men’s bomber jacket remains undisputed in 2021. For many years, they have been a part of the winter, fall, and even summer wardrobe. The style of the bomber jacket is continuously renewing since its introduction. Countless sub-cultures – from hip-hop to punk – have adopted bomber jackets due to their versatility and comfort level. Almost every label has tried its hand on bomber jacket designing.

For all those who have grown up and started shopping in 2021 for the first time or are not so familiar with bomber jackets, let’s make it clear once again what makes a jacket a bomber jacket.

What is a Bomber Jacket?

A bomber jacket is a military-style flight jacket, first introduced during World War I. The jacket protected pilots from extreme temperatures when flying in the battle in open-top warplanes. The jackets had inner thermal insulation and outer leather fabric to keep pilots warm and comfortable.


What makes a bomber jacket distinct from others is a zipped-up front, ribbed trim at the waistband & wrists, and a softer, slightly blouson fit.

Since their introduction, men’s bomber jackets have evolved a lot in terms of fabric used, designs, styles, and colours. Now, rather than military wear, they are seen as smart pieces of casual fashion wear.

Modern designs come in suede, nylon or leather, and wool with most including a zipper front, ribbed cuffs, and hemline.

When buying a bomber jacket, one of the key things to remember is the right fit. It should have a comfortably fitted finish to achieve a great bomber jacket look.

Top Men’s Bomber Jacket Colors to Try in 2021

In 2021, you will witness more designs and hues when browsing Men’s Bomber Jackets online. There are so many fantastic ways to style the bomber jacket that you might be spoilt for choice. However, before you wear and style them, it’s important to pick the right shade that goes fine with most of your outfits.

Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Black is unarguably the most trending colour since aeons. Even though many see black as a traditional colour, it is a shade that never goes out of style. Besides, it goes well when it comes to layering and mix-and-match. So, there is no need to hesitate ever when going for the black bomber jacket.


Brown Bomber Jacket

No matter it is a brown leather or suede finish, choosing the brown hue is usually worth your every penny. It gives you a softer, smart, and casual look that a man usually looks for and never grows tired of it.


Burgundy Bomber Jacket

For those who desire uniqueness and want to stand out from the crowd, the burgundy bomber jacket is the right choice. When paired with beige or black jeans and a white t-shirt, it imparts a stunning casual look.


Apart from this, you may also choose other shades, such as olive, when going for a more natural look or red when planning to go bold on a chilly winter day.


Leather Biker Jackets for Your Wardrobe Upgrade in 2021!!

If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe in 2021, leather jackets are some of the apparel that every man or woman should have. Just explore how many celebrities have shown their love for leather jackets or simply browse online how cool and stylish they look. Once you do that, you will definitely yearn for having a few for yourself too. Among all jackets, leather biker jackets instantly win hearts as they impart a sporty look and come with durability, comfort, and great value.


Buying a leather biker jacket in a color that goes all the way with your personality is not complicated anymore. Since it is critical that you wear a jacket in a color that makes you feel confident and comfortable, leather biker jackets are available in a plethora of colors and styles, unlike a decade ago when only black and brown colors were dominant in the leather market.


However, still, it doesn’t mean that black leather jackets are not in fashion anymore. Black leather biker jackets are like Black Beauty with a simplistic touch which is always admired and accepted in our society.


Biker Jackets are getting more popular because they are neutral and easy to combine with a myriad of dressing styles. For instance, if you wear it with an elegant dress, the biker jacket will give you a distinct, modern, and avant-garde sort of look. However, if you wear it with bright colored jeans, it will give you a high-class casual look.

Have you ever considered zipper biker jackets? You can’t miss out on this type of masterpiece outfit. High-quality leather biker jackets are typically made from the finest quality of butter-soft leather. Apart from this, you can also consider more formal yet spunky options. Their elegant designs are as rare as they can get. Made from genuine cowhide or lamb leather, they are tailored with passion and precision to bring out the elegance and charm.

Want to take a break from black? Then, consider other exciting options.


This burgundy stylish jacket is something that you must get your hands on. The beauty of a leather jacket lies in the fact that it gets easily mixed up with almost every other costume and that too in a way that guarantees a fashion-savvy look.

While durability and quality are important attributes to look for in leather jacket, lightweight is something that you may not want to ignore. No one likes to feel heavy and burdened all the time. Thus, choose a lightweight leather biker jacket especially if you are a biker and love to ride on a sunny day.


Some of the leather biker jackets come in styles that fulfill your demand for comfortable attire and also in colors that are considered your all-time favorite. Many leather biker jackets come with conventional chest pockets that enhance your overall masculinity.

We know that keeping your biker avatar classy and cool gets tricky sometimes but don’t worry. When you shop at the right place and explore the right collection that is fashion-forward, you can easily find the right leather biker jacket that smartens up your style.


Leather Jacket – A Style Statement For Chics!!

In this present scenario, where Trends come and go like a season, having a chic wardrobe is something mind-boggling, particularly when it comes to winter wears. With this being said, however, there is fewer timeless stuff that can last for years to come.

Yeah, it is true! Wardrobe staples like denim, crisp white tops, trench coats, and classic leather jackets can keep your wardrobe classy and elegant.

If chosen with peace of mind, these unexceptional pieces of stuff have a staying power, a forever chic that is very hard to discover elsewhere in the closet. Post a season in which almost the maximum number of designers put an emphasis on developing wardrobes that meant to last — focusing on its quality and craft rather than what’s in or what’s out — now seems like a great time to invest your hard-earned moolahs in kinds of stuff for the longer duration of time. And women’s fashion leather jackets and denim crops are a decent place to start.

 When it is about women’s fashion, leather jackets, moto jackets, biker, bomber, trucker, and sleek zip-up are all decent choices. There are plenty of studios that have a permanent collection of women’s fashion leather jackets that they offer season postseason, core styles that have helped shape the brand DNA. Take decent care of these women’s fashion leather jackets, and trust us the leather jackets will look even better with age. But if you’re planning to invest in something that lasts with a twist, go for leather jackets that have a vintage touch.

Not yet convinced, worry not!

Here, in this blog, we are going to shed light on two stylish leather jackets that you must add in your wardrobe-

  1. The Fringes:

It would be right to state that fringed leather jackets aren’t the correct choice for individuals who love to keep a simple outgoing look. Beauty with boldness, outgoing, and unapologetically extra, fringed jackets are for the ones who love to try out new funky look or experimental look. A fringed design was typically made were to shed rain and dry rapidly. No denying, the fringed jackets were humongous popular amongst Native Americans and cowboys. A pointed collar and fringes are the standout highlights of a leather fringed jacket. Its idiosyncratic and rich lustrous finish exudes a lux yet fun aura makes them a perfect choice for flaunting your unique personality.

  1. The Shearlings:

Without a doubt, the shearlings contain a layer of wool which makes them much warmer; hence they have become a popular pick for ages. Their chic and lux outlook has grabbed not only the eyes of the common man but also loads of prominent personalities and for all the right reasons. The shearling jackets are walking and talking style statement with fur collar and cuffs and cozy shearling. These Shealing leather jackets are extremely warm and comfortable, which makes them perfect for the winter months.

So, these were the two unique yet basic leather jackets that you must ponder upon when investing in leather jackets.