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How to Add Oomph to Your Street Fashion? Get Ready with Leather Essentials!

Street fashion is all about making your look casual, comfortable, and yet inspiring rather than being outlandish. A street look often includes not only clothing but also functional accessories. The history of street fashion dates back to the 80s when California’s skateboarders and New York’s hipsters started to inspire the casual dressing sense. Since then, it became a widely recognized fashion genre.

Today, we will talk about clothing essentials that will scale up your street look.

  1. Leather Bomber Jackets

When it is about wearing a leather bomber jacket, fashion bloggers and social influencers get never tired of swearing by how stylish and suave bomber jackets look when styled nicely. Be it any season, leather bomber jackets polish your look while making you comfortable and protecting you against harsh weather elements.

While there are many fabrics and nylon bomber jackets with floral prints out there, nothing can beat the practicality and durability of leather bomber jackets that add grace to your personality. You can team them up with any kind of clothing.

Simply pair your jacket with a plain white or black t-shirt and you are good to go. Want to do something more to enhance your look? Wear accessories like a watch, beaded bracelet, or sunglasses.

With black or brown leather bomber jackets, you don’t even have to worry about matching colors. They are versatile enough and take the burden off of your shoulder every time you get ready to go out.

  1. Leather Blazers

Not in a mood to wear a leather jacket? Try this time, a leather blazer. They are super cool and comfortable. You don’t have to wear something formal to transform into a gentleman’s look. In fact, it is essential clothing for times when you want to have a casual look without overdoing it.

Besides, they help you stand out from the crowd with their subtle and edgy appearance. No matter if you are a man or a woman, leather blazers do their part by enhancing your characteristic appearance – masculinity or femininity.

  1. Leather Boots

Leather boots are the perfect footwear to impart you a street look any time of the year. Whether you are wearing a khaki shirt in summers, a layered outfit for fall, or a full packed styling for winters, leather boots can complement a wide range of styling and looks all year round.

With a trouser and buttoned-up shirt look, go for leather boots as they will make your uber-chic and classic appearance edgier. Or, wear them with jeans and a turtle neck sweater.

  1. Leather Handbag

Even if you are not up to wearing leather clothing, what about carrying a leather bag? Leather handbags are something that always got checked when it comes to dominating a woman’s street look. They have the power to instantly transform the dynamic of your look and complete it with a bold statement.

  1. Leather Hats

Originally preferred with a country look in traditional western culture, leather cowboy hats are now in fashion to complement a street style look. While many may not admit but it’s true that we all have yearned to wear them at some point in our life. Now when you have the chance, don’t let it go away.

Are you ready to dazzle with a street look that is not only comfy but fashionable too? Try one or more of the above essentials and don’t afraid of experimenting with your style because leather fashion is yet to be discovered and explored with a new perspective of modern fashion styling.


Why Everyone Loves Sheepskin Leather and How They are Distinct from Other Materials

Outing in the cold season can be as fun as the summers. However, to enjoy the winter activities, you need an outfit that will keep you warm. Leather coats are known to provide warmth, comfort, and stylishness in one piece. These coats are versatile and practical. You can wear leather coats when going for a walk in the countryside or errands around town.

The sheepskin leather coats are a warm coat and are a fashion statement nowadays. These coats can protect you against the chill of a crisp winter evening. Although versatile, sheepskin coats go well with a sweater. Below the waist, you can pair them with jeans or trousers.

How is Sheepskin Leather Made?

Sheepskin is tanned with the wool intact. Tanning is a process that is used to treat animal hides and skins to create leather. Due to this process, sheepskin’s protein structure is rendered durable and invulnerable to decomposition.

How to Identify Sheepskin Leather?

Compared to other commercial leather, sheepskin is the lightest of them all. It is known for its soft and velvety feel. You can identify the sheepskin by the unique and evenly spaced pores, which are clearly visible.

A tanned and cared for sheep leather has no smell whatsoever. It is only the inferior quality sheep leather that often smells of the chemicals.

Due to its small grain and smooth surface, sheepskin leather is quite soft. Remember, when cared for and maintained properly, a sheepskin leather coat can last for decades.

How to Identify a good quality Sheepskin Leather?

You can determine the quality of sheepskin leather by several factors. Good-quality sheepskin is when the pelt is visible, and there is no seed contamination.

Why Do People Love the Sheepskin Leather?

  1. Sheepskin leather, being soft and smooth to the touch, offers a light-weight and suppleness, which contribute to wearable comfort.
  1. Sheepskin leather is flame-retardant, meaning that it has an element that can prevent any flammable incidents.
  1. The lanolin, a basic substance present in sheepskin leather, helps heal sensitive or inflamed skin.
  1. Due to its breathable properties, sheepskin leather is an excellent choice for both winter and summer. It means it will stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

How Much Does Sheepskin Leather Cost?

Because sheepskin leather offers so many advantages, it is expected to pay more for it than any other type of animal hide.

The Bottom Line

Sheepskin leather has a distinctive softness and a luxurious appearance. When thinking of buying a sheepskin leather coat or any other product made of sheep leather, you will know of the maintenance required to keep it looking presentable. Sheepskin leather is highly suggested if you are seeking a classy look, feel, and comfort.