Leather Sheepskin Shearling Jacket Mens | B3 WW2 Aviator Flying Jacket

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Our most popular Iconic B3 Classic Aviator shearling sheepskin flying Leather jacket. This B3 flight jacket was designed for aircraft bombers during the world war thus it could be rightly referred to as the ‘bomber jacket’. Carefully crafted from thick sheepskin and very thick sheep fur guaranteed to keep you warm during the winter. 

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Style your persona by putting on this trendy and iconic Real Leather Jacket and stand out with confidence from the rest. This masterpiece is meant to give you unrivaled comfort and joy. A kind of trendy and contemporary Real Leather Jacket is masterly tailored with immense care for a completely unique look. This peculiar jacket is crafted from genuine top quality leather, lined with high-quality thick fleece to fight with the hard freezing weather. The collar is designed in a way that it can be straightened up to fight cold. Enjoy the feel of this amazing blend of leather and fleece.

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