Secure Online Payments - 100% Trusted Technology

Brandslock uses Paypal and Stripe for secure electronic payments. Paypal and stripe are leading and highly trusted Secure Banking Partner.

By using Paypal and Stripe, we ensure that customer card details are not compromised by encrypting every transaction to the highest global standards. Paypal and Stripe systems are audited regularly by one of the world's leading Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) so that you can be confident about using them to make a secure payment online.

Paypal and stripe also incorporate fraud prevention tools to ensure total protection of your card data for any online purchase made from our website. 

In addition, you will be reassured to know that we do not hold nor store your full card details, this data is fully encrypted by the Paypal and Stripe when processing your card payment never to be seen again by a human.

Transaction Security

Payment transactions at our website are 100% encrypted and secured utilising worldwide trusted security technology. Therefore we do NOT see or hold your full card payment information. You can be completely assured that none of the card data entered on the fully secure payment page can be examined, used or modified by any third parties attempting to gain access to sensitive information.



Brandslock is responsible for the storage and processing of Personal Data. This Privacy Statement provides information about the Brandslock's processing of Personal Data.

How do we process and protect your personal information

It is important for us that you as a customer feel safe when shopping with us. Here you can read about how we treat, protect and use your personal information at Brandslock.

The whole of Europe will get a new common law on the processing of personal data: the Privacy Policy, GDPR. We have therefore updated the way we process personal information and made it even clearer why you save and how we use customer data. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. For you as a customer, this means that you gain more control over how your personal information is used.

What we save and why

The personal information we have about you is information we receive when you visit the online store, use our apps and shop with us. We save information about what you click, what you add to the shopping cart and what you buy.

When you register with us, we save information such as name, zip code, street address, phone number, e-mail address, customer number, delivery and payment information. 

In order for us to send information to you about your order and, if approved, digital communications in the form of newsletters, we will save your email address and phone number. The address we need to be able to deliver your order in the best possible way. The personal information we receive in connection with an order will also be saved for any customer support, warranties and complaints that will be made afterwards.

We want to be as relevant as possible to you as a customer and therefore do analyzes on group and individual levels based on age and demographics as well as buying and click history. The analyzes lay the basis for which products we buy, what promotions and offers we provide, what digital communications you receive and how we adjust our external advertising. The insights we receive are also used in the work of delivery options, product development of apps and how we develop website and our business as a whole.

As long as we save personal information

Personal information is saved as long as there is an ongoing user relationship and in accordance with current consent. We do not process customer data that is older than two years but in accordance with the law of accounting, we must save purchase history for seven years. If you would like us to remove your personal information earlier than this or would like to endorse the approval of, for example, digital communications in the form of newsletters, you are always welcome to contact us and we will assist you. If you no longer wish to receive a newsletter from us, you can also unsubscribe from the link directly in the newsletter.

Information about how you and other visitors navigate in the online store, in our apps and how you find us, we collect via Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This data is saved for 26 months.

This way we protect your personal information

When you provide information about yourself in connection with a purchase, you should always be confident that we will handle your personal information safely. Sensitive information such as bank card number is always sent encrypted (SSL) so that unauthorized persons can not obtain the information. The information is not stored by us at Brandslock but will only be forwarded to the credit card company. Everywhere the sensitive data is sent, the transfer is encrypted, for example. under your account and in the checkout. We work on a daily basis to ensure that both we and our systems are in phase with current security standards.

It is extremely rare, but if a data interference occurs, we have clear and concrete procedures for how to handle this to minimize damage. As a customer, you should be confident that you will be informed directly if any data interference occurs.

Your rights

You are entitled at any time to obtain an extract from the information we have about you and to know how and in what context your personal information is used. If you disagree with how we use your personal information, you are entitled to file a complaint or withdraw your consent. You also have the right to delete your personal information in accordance with current accounting rules (see section As long as we save personal information ). You are always welcome to contact our customer service to answer any questions about this. Customer service can be contacted by e-mail

What is a cookie?

In order to continually improve the user experience and features of our website, as well as our apps, we use cookies to collect information when you and other visitors use them. A cookie is a small amount of data sent to your browser and, for example, remembering if you're logged in, have added something to your shopping cart and what kind of display you're using. Some cookies are required for the site to work properly. Below you can read about what cookies we use and what information they collect. You can even set how you want cookies to be handled. Below you will see how to change settings for cookies in your browser.

What cookies are available on Brandslock?

Data stored in a visitor/client's cookie
date_add The date and time the cookie was created (in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format).
id_lang The ID of the selected language.
id_currency The ID of the selected currency.
last_visited_category The ID of the last visited category of product listings.
ajax_blockcart_display Whether the cart block is "expanded" or "collapsed".
viewed The IDs of recently viewed products as a comma-separated list.
id_wishlist The ID of the current wishlist displayed in the wishlist block.
checkedTOS Whether the "Terms of service" checkbox has been ticked (1 if it has and 0 if it hasn't)
id_guest The guest ID of the visitor when not logged in.
id_connections The connection ID of the visitor's current session.
id_customer The customer ID of the visitor when logged in.
customer_lastname The last name of the customer.
customer_firstname The first name of the customer.
logged Whether the customer is logged in.
passwd The MD5 hash of the _COOKIE_KEY_ in config/ and the password the customer used to log in.
email The email address that the customer used to log in.
id_cart The ID of the current cart displayed in the cart block.
checksum The Blowfish checksum used to determine whether the cookie has been modified by a third party.
The customer will be logged out and the cookie deleted if the checksum doesn't match.

How to find and check cookie?

In your browser you can see which cookies are stored, remove saved cookies, and block future cookies. You can also set the settings so that you get a question every time a website tries to place cookies on your PC.

If you delete or block all cookies, certain features on the website will cease to work. You can always delete cookies used for marketing without affecting the features on the page.

You can also remove all cookies from the hard drive. To do this, go to Tools / Tools in the menu, select Security / Security, and then Delete Browser History.

Here's a description of how to check the settings for cookies in Internet Explorer 11, which is one of the most common browsers today:

Go to Tools / Tools 
Select Internet Options for Internet / Internet options 
Select the Privacy / Privacy tab 
Set the preferences as desired and click OK.

You can also remove all cookies from the hard drive. To do this, go to Tools / Tools in the menu, select Security / Security, and then Delete Browser History.